Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Layout Touched My Heart

When I first started teaching, I would go through the gallery and I would be in awe..I still am when I go through the gallery.  I started thinking, I want to feature this page on my blog.  Then I would go to the next one and the next one and the next one and feel the same.  I honestly can't explain how awesome it is for me to go through the gallery.  I decided that I couldn't feature pages on my blog because quite honestly, I would have loved to put every single one of them on here.

Well, today I decided to feature a page that totally touched my heart.    I just had to share it with you.

This page was created by Del from New Zealand.  She is taking Blueprints: the Angles of Photoshop.  This is the first class that Del has taken of mine and she said she is new to digital scrapbooking.  She said this is about the seventh page that she has created.  I wish my seventh page would have looked like this!

Del said:
I did this for my parents who are celebrating 60 years of marriage in June.  It is extra special as 8 weeks ago my father was so sick in the hospital, he wasn't expected to live and my mum had a bad stroke 2 weeks ago.  She had only been out of the hospital 4 days when I talked her into letting me take this photo of them together.

At the moment, I am in full time care of my parents - although they look great in that photo, mum is barely able to walk and can't see well and her memory is fading quickly.  I wanted to take the photo while "I could".

I couldn't stop looking at this page and I will admit that it brought tears to my eyes.  Del has captured something extraordinary here.  I love that she used a photo of them from their wedding day and compared it with a photo from today.  I love that she took the initiative to "take the photo while I could".   I'm guessing that Del's days are faced with many struggles as she cares for her parents but I LOVE that she took the time to capture them in the here and now.  What a beautiful couple they are and what an amazing keepsake this is!

Thank you Del for sharing your beautiful parents and beautiful layout with us.  I find your layout inspiring is so many ways and I wish you and your parents many days of happiness together!

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  1. glad you featured this page! It was beautiful and I loved the story behind it. I too couldn't believe this was her 7th page, Del is an amazing scrapbooker! Must make you so glad to be teaching! I love looking in the galleries and finding so many new ideas, some pretty amazing women out there!!!

  2. Wow, that is a very special page! What a start to scrapping Del has made!

  3. How lovely, thank you both for sharing it with us all.