Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scrapbooking Resume

Creative Teams: 

Creating Keepsakes Dream Team 2013 - 2014
Designer Digitals (2010 - Present)

Scrapbooking Instructor: Creative Passion (2011 - Present)
All-Star Graphics, Blending and Beyond, Blueprints, Creative Composites, Designing Doubles, Digital Scrapbooking 101, Digital Scrapbooking 102, Generations, Making Memories with Children

Guest Instructor: Masterful Scrapbook Designs (June 2011, November 2011, May 2012, November 2012)

Spotlight Artist: Somerset Digital Studios (Spring 2011, Spring 2012)


Creating Keepsakes:

"Little Patriots" (July/August 2010)
"Loving Life with Papa" (September 2010)
"Snapshot" (September 2010)
"Boots On" (September 2010)
"Little Person" (November/December 2010)
"Trouble" (January 2011)
"Reading Cafe" (February 2011)
"Sweet Days with You" (February 2011)
"Got Milk" (March/April 2011)
"Kiddie Kar Wash" (May/June 2011)
"Glimpse in the Mirror" (May/June 2011)
"Cabbage Patch Kids" (May/June 2011)
"The Lake...The Life" (July/August 2011)
"The Universe Awaits" (July/August 2011)
"Four Inches" (Summer/Travel Issue 2011)
"Caring for Grandpa" (October 2011)
"Journey to America" (November/December 2011)
"All is Calm, All is Bright" (November/December 2011)
"Little Details" (Holiday/Celebrations Issue 2011)
"Your Life in Sales" (Simple Scrapbooking 2012)
"My Sweets" (February 2012)
"Together Always" (March/April 2012)
"Fridays with Papa" (May/June 2012)
"Like a Rainbow" (May/June 2012)
"Loved" (Baby/Toddler Special Issue 2012)

"Star Struck" (July/August 2012)
"Radiology" (July/August 2012)
"Fall Harvest" (September/October 2012)
"Sisters" - Hybrid Project (Mixed Media Book)
"BFF" (Better Digital Photography and Scrapbooking Issue)
"Sweet Slice of Life" (Better Digital Photography and Scrapbooking Issue)
"Kindergarten" (Better Digital Photography and Scrapbooking Issue)
Blending Tutorial (Better Digital Photography and Scrapbooking Issue)
Combining Photos Tutorial (Better Digital Photography and Scrapbooking Issue)
"Complete" (January/February 2013)
"Mr. Mischief" (January/February 2013)
"Your Man" (January/February 2013)
"Miracle in Progress" (March/April 2013)
"The Hunt" (March/April 2013)
"Thrill Ride" (March/April 2013)
"Light Tomorrow" (May/June 2013)
"Table Dancer" (May/June 2013)
"Your Story" (May/June 2013)
"In Your World" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"Yesterday" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"Sharing a Dream" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"Our Toy Story" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"NASCAR" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"Share This Story" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"Big Man on Campus" (Scrapbooking Men and Boys)
"Exploring Duluth" (July/August 2013)
"Gooseberry Falls" (July/August 2013)
"Summer Hot Spots" (July/August 2013)
"Pieces of You" (Albums Galore)
"Autumn Delight" (Sept/Oct 2013)
"Protecting Gotham" (Sept/Oct 2013)
"Autumn Photos" (Sept/Oct 2013)
"Down on the Farm" (Sept/Oct 2013)
"Big Dreams" (Mixed Media 2013)
"December Daily + Templates" (November/December 2013)
"The Ups and Downs" (November/December 2013)
"Embracing Winter" (November/December 2013)
"Fresh Powder + Tutorial" (November/December 2013)
"Holiday Tags + Tutorial" (November/December 2013)
"Dear Santa" (November/December 2013)
"Autobiography" (Scrapbooker's Handbook)
"Day in the Life" (Scrapbooker's Handbook)
"Mom" (Scrapbooker's Handbook)
"Summer Splash" (Scrapbooker's Handbook)
"Time Together" (Scrapbooker's Handbook)
"Fill My Heart" (Jan/Feb. 2014)
"Hitting the Slopes" (Jan/Feb. 2014)
"Putting on the Gliltz" (Jan/Feb. 2014)
"Snapshots of Me" (Jan/Feb. 2014)
"Your Art" (Jan/Feb 2014)

Somerset Digital Studios:
"Courage" (Fall 2010)
"ABC's of You" (Fall 2010)
"Loving Life with You" (Fall 2010)
"Buds: Quinn and Wiley" (Spring 2011)
"Thirty" (Spring 2011)
"Little Attitude" (Spring 2011)
"Small Pleasures" (Spring 2011)
"Taste of Summer" (Spring 2011)
"Reflections of Today" (Spring 2011)
"Cousins: Quinn and Evie" (Spring 2011)
"Two" (Spring 2011)
"Fabulously Four" (Fall 2011)
"Friends" (Spring 2012)
"Follow Your Heart" (Spring 2012)
"Dance" (Spring 2012)
"Because" (Spring 2012)
"Sunshine" (Spring 2012)

"Q" (Spring 2012)
"Life is in the Details" (Fall 2012)

Somerset Memories:
"Fatherhood" (Spring 2011)
"Children" (Fall 2011)

"Searching for Rainbows" (Spring 2011)
"One Person" (Spring 2012)
"School Days" (Spring 2012))

Scrapbooking Memories:
Sweet Slice of Life (August 2012)


  1. You are very talented and shouldn't be so shocked by these requests to use your layouts! Plus, you must admit, you have wonderful subjects! Enjoy and keep up the fabulous and creative work. k

  2. Ok, I'm not at all surprised, because your work is awesome. I might continue my subscription to CK just to be able to enjoy your layouts on paper. ;) Love, Heidi.

  3. You are very deserving of all accomplishments. Your passion for life and your family is very obvious. Keep up the good work! Go Irish and Go Packers!