Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everybody! I hope you are filled with joy and surrounded by love on this special, special day!

We are looking forward to my family coming over for Easter in a little bit. Yesterday was a fun day...the Easter Bunny showed up at our backdoor. I guess he has a little bit different system this year...dropping off baskets on Saturday and eggs on Sunday. He received mixed reviews from the Morton kids. I think the pictures will tell the tale although I am certain that Amelia might need long term therapy to recover. She had Easter Bunny nightmares all night so I would say it backfired but it sure was fun at the moment...she wouldn't agree. Here are some shots for yesterday and this morning.

And a holiday isn't a holiday around here without a family photoshoot. The troops were very cooperative which was a nice surprise. We went to church Saturday night and snapped a few pictures before.

Happy Easter!!!!!