Friday, November 1, 2013

New Digital Scrapbooking Website

Hello Friends, I have a new home that I am very excited about.  You can find it here  I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creating Keepsakes Blog - Tutorial and a Freebie

Hello friends!  I am over on the Creating Keepsakes Blog today with a tutorial and a freebie.  My topic is "Spooktacular Fonts".  I have some Halloween goodies for you that can be seen below.  Hop on over and check it out.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creating Keepsakes - November/December 2013

As many of you know, Creating Keepsakes is about to cease publication of their regular issues.  I have LOVED Creating Keepsakes from the very beginning.  It has inspired me to be a better memory-keeper for a long time. When I was presented with the opportunity to join their team, I jumped at it.   I LOVED being a part of their team and creating for them for so many years.   It would be an understatement to say that I was very sad when I learned that CK would no longer be published.   It has been such a big part of my life. The very last regular issue of Creating Keepsakes is now on sale.    You can find out more information here about the November/December 2013 issue.

There are several aspects of this issue that I would like to bring to your attention...
1.  Look at the beautiful cover.  My dear friend Amy Mallory created this beautiful layout featuring her sweet boys.  I absolutely LOVE it!

2.  There is a digital insert included in this issue packed with inspiration. I was fortunate to play a large role in the content of the digital issue.  I wrote several tutorials, recorded two videos, wrote a couple of columns and you will also find a download of my December Daily Templates.

3.  As much as it pains me to say this, this is the very last regular issue of CK.  I would certainly get a copy if I were you.  I know you will enjoy it.

The layout below is featured in this issue.  I also included a video tutorial related to this page.  I demonstrate how to bury your title in snow (or sand).  It is a fun technique to use and I know I'm going to be using this title technique again.

All products from Designer Digitals.

Creating Keepsakes will still be having some special issues.  There will also be a new digital magazine called "Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking" that will come out in 2014.  I want to take this time to thank all of the wonderful people that I have enjoyed working with at Creating will be missed.  Thank you for the years of inspiration, hard work and dedication.   

If you don't already have it, make sure to hope on over and pick up the November/December 2013 issue of Creating Keepsakes.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking 102 Wrap Up

Digital Scrapbooking 101 came to a close this week.  Once again, I had such a fun and talented group of people in class.  It is so fun to connect with others in the forum and through the gallery.  I'm thrilled with what I have seen in the gallery and excited that we now have more digital scrapbookers in the digital community.  

Here are the final three pages that were demonstrated for class.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

It is beautiful outside and we are headed to the farm for the weekend.  The kids have been counting the days and I will admit that I have as well.  It is one of my most favorite places to be....surrounded by family members that we adore and beautiful countryside.  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Digital Scrapbooking Site -

Hello Friends!  I have mentioned that I was working on a new website.  My vision for the website is for it to be a resource for anybody interested in documenting memories in creative and fun ways.  My passion for digital memory-keeping can be seen in the pages that I create as well as through my classes.  I needed a new "home" to bring this passion and vision to others.  I have been busy unpacking my "digital boxes" at the new site and it is feeling more like home every day.  

My new site will be ready to roll on November 1st.  You can sign up for the mailing list at Those on the mailing list will be the first to hear about the fun activities that we have planned for the launch.

We are looking forward to having all kinds of fun with the new site.  There will be challenges, freebies, inspiration, tutorials and more.  I have been working hard putting all of the pieces together and I'm excited to "show" you around.  

I hope you hop on over and sign up for the mailing list at

I would also like to invite you to offer input into my new site.  Are there specific areas that you would like to see on the site?  What makes a successful blog in your eyes?  I certainly have ideas but I am always looking for ways that will help make this a memory-keeping resource for others.  Thank you in advance for any input you can provide.  Have a GREAT day!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Digital U - Tuesday, October 14th

Hello.  I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend.  We are experiencing fall here which has been wonderful. The colors are changing and there is a crispness in the air.  I love this time of year.  

Tomorrow night we are hosting Digital U and the topic is altering your products.  Amy, Tami and I are going to give a few tips on how we maximize our stash of products.

Digital U is a free webinar that we host once a month at Creative Passion.  It is a lot of fun and very casual. Each month we have a different topic and each of shares tips and ideas that we hope will inspire you.  All you need to do is register for the webinar.  During the webinar, you can type in questions and we discuss lots of different things. 

We will be meeting on Tuesday, October 15th at 9:00 Eastern Time.  We hope to see you there.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking 101 - Cruising Along

Digital Scrapbooking 101 is cruising right along.  We are already halfway through the class and it has been so fun to see the gallery alive with so many great pages.  I love when class is in session and having the connection once again with everyone.  We have a great group of people in there and I am always so grateful for the Creative Passion community.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

All products are from Designer Digitals.

These are the pages for the first three lessons.  It is so exciting for me to help others start their digital scrapbooking journey.  I'm curious how did your digital scrapbooking journey begin?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creating Keepsakes Mixed Media Special Issue

Creating Keepsakes Special Issue Mixed Media Scrapbooking Volume 2 is now on sale.  I always enjoy the Mixed Media issue because it is overflowing with creativity and this issue is no exception.  Mixed Media is defined as using at least two different art mediums on a page.

As a digital scrapbooker, it is very easy to get the look of mixed media effects without even having to get your hands dirty.  I love that.  I had so much fun putting various textures and paint together on my page below that is in this issue.

Digital Products: Anna Aspnes, Katie Pertiet, Maplebrook Studios, Mindy Teresawa, Pattie Knox

It is so fun to realize how many artistic effects that you can bring to your digital pages without getting messy. Give it a try.  Think of the various art mediums that you can incorporate into your next scrapbook page.  I know you will have a blast!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello Everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend.  We are enjoying a beautiful fall and had a great weekend.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of change.  Last week I made a very difficult decision.  I decided to step down from the Creative Team at Designer Digitals, a place that I have called home over the last four years.  It was a very difficult decision for lots of different reasons.  So many of my dear friends are there and I feel blessed to have been a part of the community for so long.  I want to take this time to thank Katie and Randy Pertiet and all of my dear friends at Designer Digitals for everything.  You will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Throughout the last couple of years, I have discovered that I LOVE sharing my passion for digital scrapbooking with others.  I find so much joy creating, demonstrating and helping others find the artist within them.    I really want to focus on that aspect of my life right now....bringing my passion for digital memory-keeping to others.    I decided that I needed the time and creative freedom to follow my heart.  I am very excited about what is ahead.


I am working diligently on a new website that I hope will be a digital memory-keeping resource for people around the web.  It will launch on November 1st and I will have more information for you in the weeks ahead.  My team and I have been busy getting our "pixels" in a row and we are excited to share our vision with you.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mask Appeal Challenge at Designer Digitals

Hello Everyone!  There is a brand new Mask Appeal Challenge up on the Designer Digitals Blog.  Katie Pertiet provided a great freebie pack.  I hope you grab it and join in on the fun!

All products are from Designer Digitals.

This is the page that I created using the freebie pack.  I will look forward to seeing your page!

Friday, September 20, 2013

September Summary

It is hard to believe that October is just around the corner.  The temperatures have been all over the board here.  Today I can feel fall coming once again.

Our September has been full as usual.  The kids are LOVING school which makes my heart sing. We have had a great few weeks.  I thought I would share some photos of what has been going on in the Morton household.

Let's start with Taylor Swift.  Way back in December of last year, our dear neighbors and I decided to have a girls night out at the Taylor Swift concert in September.  I didn't tell the girls about it until a week before and let's just say you might have heard the screams.  Our neighbors are like family to us.  We love them dearly and they have play a huge role in our children's lives.

Here we are before the concert.  Our neighbor's daughter is totally into fashion and set the girls up with new glittery cowboy hats and sparkley scarves.  They were, not so much.  

In St. Paul on our way to the concert.

My neighbors hate this picture so I am going to be in trouble for posting it but I LOVE it!  The concert was absolutely AMAZING.  She sounded awesome and her set and costume changes truly left me speechless.  It was SO FUN and I will never forget it.

Most of our time is spent playing in the cul de sac.

Friday nights are spent cheering for the Irish and they are off to a great start.  The kids have SO much fun at the games.  We are so lucky to be able to share this excitement together every Friday night.

A dear friend of ours from California just made the U of M soccer team.....GO GOPHERS!  She came out to spend the day with us last weekend and we had a blast.  The kids picked up some new soccer moves.

Homework time...

Off to school on their bikes...

I hope you have enjoyed September.  Fall will officially be here next week which doesn't seem real.  My favorite parts of fall would have to include back to school times, football, changing colors, blue jeans and candy corn.  What are your favorite parts of fall?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Win a Free Digital Scrapbooking Class

Hello Friends, I am over on the CK Blog today and there is an opportunity to win a spot in my new class Digital Scrapbooking 101.    I am really excited about this opportunity to share my passion for digital scrapbooking with others who are just starting out as well as those who just need a "tune-up".  Class starts on Monday, September 30th.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

Hop on over to the CK Blog and leave a comment for the chance to win.

I also want to remind you about Designer Digitals Quarterly Sale which started today.  The entire store is 30% off so now is a GREAT time to add a few products or A LOT of products to your stash.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Children and Scrapbooking

This school year I wanted my children to take a more active role in their scrapbooks.  I love to capture bits of them in the photos that they draw and their handwriting.  This year they are filling out prompt sheets and I plug their work into a template.  It gets them writing and creating and allows me to capture this stage of their life.  It is a win-win in my book.   My kids LOVE to create.  What is the saying...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Tonight I had a couple more prompt sheets for them to complete.  Ellie started doing them and when Mia and Quinn saw her, they immediately wanted to do theirs as well.  Another win-win-win.

Here is the scene tonight after dinner at our house...

Here are a few of the pages they have created thus far for their album....

Papers are from Designer Digitals.

I think it is so important and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN to include your children in memory-keeping.  If I say "will you create...." my kids, especially my girls are usually running for the markers before I can get the words out.  They love to create and will jump on any opportunity to do so.  There are so many great qualities that can develop through the list goes on.

What ways are using to involve your children in memory-keeping?  I would sure love to hear.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking - Upcoming Events

I hope you had a great weekend. There are a few things going on this week that I want to bring to your attention.  

We are getting together for another session of Digital U this Tuesday night at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.  Our topic is designing outside of the box.  Amy is going to talk about designing 8.5 x 11 inch pages and I will be talking about double spreads....a favorite of mine.  If you have never attended a Digital U before, we would love for you to check it out.  We have a ton of fun getting together on these live webinars.  The webinars are completely free.  All you need to do is register at Creative Passion.  We hope to see you there!
Designer Digitals is hosting their third quarter sale this week starting on Thursday, September 19th and going through September 26th.  Everything in the store is on sale and this would be an excellent time to stock up on products.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking - Introductory Class

Today I am excited to share with you that my new class Digital Scrapbooking 101 is now on sale at Creative Passion.  This is my first introductory class and I couldn't be more excited to share my passion for digital memory-keeping with others who might be just starting out.  I started digital scrapbooking about seven years ago and once I figured out a few basics, I was immediately hooked.  The "basics" can go a LONG way in digital memory-keeping.  I'm excited to share "the basics" and a whole lot more!

The class runs from September 30th to October 17th.  There will be two lessons a week posted on Monday and Thursday for a total of six lessons.  In each of the lessons, you will see every step of my creative process.  You will quickly learn how to transfer your photos into digital pages that you are excited to print out and share with others.  Included in the class is a sampler pack from Designer Digitals.  A huge "Thank You" to Katie Pertiet for her generosity. I will also be hosting an office hour during class which will come to you through a webinar.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback.  

In this class you will learn...
- how to set up a page
- how to create using a template
- how to make your own template
- how to create a freelance design
- basic editing techniques for your photos
- how to change the colors of your photos
- how to maximize your digital stash
- how to create artistic effects on your pages
- how to create stickers 
and more.

All products used in this class are from Designer Digitals.

All of the demonstrations have been created using Photoshop Elements 11.0 but they are also applicable to other Photoshop Elements versions as well as full Photoshop.

I hope you join me on this fun, new journey in digital scrapbooking.  You can find out additional information here.  You don't want to delay.  There is an early bird coupon available now through September 16th.  Use coupon code: FALL10OFF.  I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Put a Slant On It

Have you ever completed a layout and looked at it and said "there is something missing".  When that happens to me, one of my "go-to techniques" is to change the angle of the entire image.  In most instances, I immediately like it a whole lot more.  I would describe my style as very graphic.  There is something about changing the angle that immediately draws me into the page.  The angle is unexpected and it catches my eye. As I create pages, I try to find different ways of engaging the viewer and certainly changing the angle is quick and easy way of accomplishing that.  

Here are two of the layouts that I created recently.  You can clearly see how I created angles to make this page more appealing.

On this particular page, I just angled the papers to create some unique angles.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

I'm going to issue a little challenge to you.  On your next page, play with the angles on your page and see how you can create interest by using that simple technique.  You can post your pages in the "Jana's Jumpstarts" gallery at Creative Passion and/or in the gallery at Designer Digitals.  I would love to see your page.  Have fun!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Blending and Beyond Self-Paced

When I first started creating digital scrapbooking pages, I immediately fell in love with the look of blended images.  In all honesty, it was that blended look that brought me to digital scrapbooking after 15 years as a traditional scrapbooker. I was determined to bring that soft, beautiful look to my everyday photos.  Let's just say that I have been blending photos for a long time now and with each blended page that I create, I am still giddy.  I LOVE the look of blended images....there is just something magical about them.  Once I started posting pages, I began receiving messages from people asking me about my blending techniques.  After many requests, I decided to try my hand at teaching.  Two years ago I started teaching a class that I developed called Blending and Beyond. Debbie Hodge at Get It Scrapped gave me the opportunity to teach the class there and I will always be grateful to Debbie.  When I wrote the class, I was nervous that nobody would sign up and asked Debbie how many people I would need to make the class run.  Debbie responded with "25 and I know you will get that".  Well, I will be the first to admit that the response to Blending and Beyond left me in shock....I still can't believe what transpired through that course. There are people all over the world looking at blending in a little bit different manner and I have met so many amazing people through teaching this course.

I am excited to tell you that Blending and Beyond is now on sale at Creative Passion as a self-paced class. You can register here.  I absolutely love sharing my passion for digital art with others.  The people that have taken my classes have been so supportive and their enthusiasm has been so inspiring to me.  Thank you my dear friends.

If you have not taken Blending and Beyond yet, I encourage you to check it out.   Last fall, I offered a Blending and Beyond Booster workshop that was available to anybody who has taken my Blending and Beyond class.  I'm excited to tell you that this November, I will be offering another new Booster workshop for my "Blending and Beyond Veterans".  Now would be a great time to take Blending and Beyond if you haven't done so already.  More information about the Booster Workshop will be available in October.  I hope to see you in class sometime soon.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Transforming Your Art into a Standout

A few weeks ago we said good-bye to our beloved dog.  I have taken a lot of photos of Wiley over the years and I am so grateful that I did.  I took even more during those final days.  As I was struggling through those days, my daughter said "Mom, you need to make a standout of Wiley".  I couldn't have agreed more.

A standout is similar to a canvas but it is significantly cheaper.  It doesn't have the texture of a canvas but it still hangs freely on the wall and there is no need for a frame.  We have several standouts around our home and I have made several for my family and close friends.  I love them.  I always order my standouts from Whitehouse Custom Color.

This is the original image that I created of Wiley. The photo in the background is one of my favorites of him because I can see so much of his personality in it. 

All products are from Designer Digitals.

My standout came a day after I ordered it.  They are sooooo speedy and once again, I was THRILLED with the quality of it.  What I see on my computer screen is EXACTLY what I get on my standout.  This is what it looks like on our wall.

I always order the 20 x 20 standout.  It is 3/4 inch thick with black edging.  They are so lightweight and easy to hang on the wall.

One of the great things about being a digital scrapbooker is that you can also call yourself a digital artist. When I look through online galleries, I see so many AMAZING pages that would look great hanging on the wall.  I encourage you to go through your gallery and find a page that you really like. Find some way of getting it off of your computer or out of your album and displaying it so it can be enjoyed every day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school and let's just say that our house was overflowing with excitement.  This year Ellie is in 4th grade, Amelia is in 2nd grade and Quinn is in half-day kindergarten.  This is the first time that they are all at the same school and that makes me very happy!  Here are some photos before school.

We are so lucky that we live within a few blocks of school.  I love that the kids just walk to school.

Quinn is in morning kindergarten and Jeff came home from work early so he could meet him after school. Quinn came barreling out of the doors just beaming.  You gotta love it!  I'm so glad that Jeff was there to experience this as well.

The kids were still as excited after school.  We are so happy with the school that they attend.  They are eager to jump into tomorrow.  When Quinn went to bed tonight he said "Mom, when I wake up in the morning, can I just put on my clothes and head right to school....I don't want to have to wait tomorrow". Kids are priceless!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Call for Making Memories with Children


Making Memories with Children starts tomorrow....TOMORROW.....yeah!  The girls and I are so excited about our new class and hope you can join us.  In this class, your child takes the driver's seat, you will act as the co-pilot and we are providing the navigational system.  Tomorrow morning the first lesson will be posted.  In that lesson, you will receive an introductory video from me along with a introduction pdf that will give you the tools you need to help your child create an album all about them.  I love that the entire focus on this album is getting my children to create/write/document their lives, working on a project together and building their self-esteem as we go.
Each week there will be a short recording from one of my daughters for your child.  This recording will set up the lesson and explain what we need them to do.  Your child will receive a prompt sheet (or two) to get them started with their assignment.  The prompt sheet goes along with a new template(s) each week.  You can easily plug your child's work right into the template.

We have been working through the system and having fun with it.  You can find out more about the class here.  Today I am giving away a spot in the class over at the Creating Keepsakes blog.  Head on over to the blog and leave a comment for a chance to win.  We hope to see you in class!  Have a great weekend.