Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Transforming Your Art into a Standout

A few weeks ago we said good-bye to our beloved dog.  I have taken a lot of photos of Wiley over the years and I am so grateful that I did.  I took even more during those final days.  As I was struggling through those days, my daughter said "Mom, you need to make a standout of Wiley".  I couldn't have agreed more.

A standout is similar to a canvas but it is significantly cheaper.  It doesn't have the texture of a canvas but it still hangs freely on the wall and there is no need for a frame.  We have several standouts around our home and I have made several for my family and close friends.  I love them.  I always order my standouts from Whitehouse Custom Color.

This is the original image that I created of Wiley. The photo in the background is one of my favorites of him because I can see so much of his personality in it. 

All products are from Designer Digitals.

My standout came a day after I ordered it.  They are sooooo speedy and once again, I was THRILLED with the quality of it.  What I see on my computer screen is EXACTLY what I get on my standout.  This is what it looks like on our wall.

I always order the 20 x 20 standout.  It is 3/4 inch thick with black edging.  They are so lightweight and easy to hang on the wall.

One of the great things about being a digital scrapbooker is that you can also call yourself a digital artist. When I look through online galleries, I see so many AMAZING pages that would look great hanging on the wall.  I encourage you to go through your gallery and find a page that you really like. Find some way of getting it off of your computer or out of your album and displaying it so it can be enjoyed every day.

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  1. Jana I love this layout of Wiley and so glad you had the standout made. Perfect for your family to help in the process. Our fur babies are so much a part of the family and he will be a part of the thoughts, and conversation for a long time.