Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Athena...Roy Rogers' Girlfriend...and Santa Claus would like to wish each of you a Happy Halloween!

We got to trick or treat on mainstreet today.
Quinn and his costume designer Jan...she is amazing!
Here is the full version but Santa said that he was ready for a new cleaner look so opted to shave.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disneyworld - Heading Home

What an incredible trip. It was so fun to share the magic of Disney with the kids. We left our hotel at 4:00 am. The trip home went well and everybody was exhausted!

Disneyword Day 5

We spent the last day at Magic Kingdom. They are redoing part of Fantasyland apparently to build castles for Belle, Aurora and Ariel. It's a Small World was only open a few days. The girls LOVE this one. The kids all got to drive on the grand prix...

We were finally able to meet Ariel...

The parades were a huge hit for the kids...well, actually for all of us....Before the parade, they let the kids come out to hula hoop in the street. Amelia wasn't going to miss this opportunity...

All of the big name characters were in the parades. This is Jaffar from Aladin who certainly isn't a big name but lets just say that Ellie is terrified of him. He came by during the parade and she was hiding under the stroller while her brother was out in the street giving him a high five

Disneyworld Day 4

On Friday morning, we headed to Epcot. The kids enjoyed watching the fish get fed by the scuba divers at the Nemo exhibit.

After Epcot, we headed back to Magic Kingdom. The kids cannot get enough of Fantasyland. Here are the girls in front of Minnie's house which is their favorite.
We had dinner at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and the gang.

Disneyworld Day 3

We headed to Animal Kingdom in the morning. The safari was amazing...the whole family LOVED it....I got so many great shots including this baby elephant... These rhinos kissing...
We went to the Lion King Show and then met some more characters including Meeko... Goofy...

Of course Quinn has a thing for bunnies so didn't want to pass up this opportunity...
Chip and Dale were so much fun...

We spent the afternoon at the pool and then I got to go out to eat with a dear friend.

Disneyworld Day 2

We started Day 2 at Magic Kingdom and Ellie and Quinn didn't waste any time jumping in to meet the characters. Amelia was very selective with her characters. She decided that she was only going to spend time with Minnie or Ariel and she stuck to it.

We had brunch at Chef Mickey's. The kids LOVED it to say the least.

I love this picture...I think his face says it all...

After brunch, we headed to Hollywood Studios. We saw some awesome shows and got to meet more characters...among them was Handy Manny.


After Hollywood Studios, we headed back to Magic Kingdom for the light parade....awesome!

Disneyworld Day 1

Our trip to Disneyworld finally arrived and we were all so excited. We left bright and early....4:00 am from our home...on the way to the airport, Amelia asked "is Today...tomorrow?". Thankfully everything went like clockwork but we were all exhausted by the time we arrived at the hotel. This is Quinn in the lobby while I checked in. We were the random winners of "the family of the day" at our resort...the girls were given the royal treatment right from the beginning.
After getting something to eat, we headed to the Magic Kingdom and we arrived just in time for the show in front of the castle. These pumpkins were all over the place.
Our glasses for Mickey's 3D show.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot

Today I got to take some family photos for our dear friends....they are such a beautiful family and the boys did an AWESOME job! Here are a few photos...