Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Put a Slant On It

Have you ever completed a layout and looked at it and said "there is something missing".  When that happens to me, one of my "go-to techniques" is to change the angle of the entire image.  In most instances, I immediately like it a whole lot more.  I would describe my style as very graphic.  There is something about changing the angle that immediately draws me into the page.  The angle is unexpected and it catches my eye. As I create pages, I try to find different ways of engaging the viewer and certainly changing the angle is quick and easy way of accomplishing that.  

Here are two of the layouts that I created recently.  You can clearly see how I created angles to make this page more appealing.

On this particular page, I just angled the papers to create some unique angles.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

I'm going to issue a little challenge to you.  On your next page, play with the angles on your page and see how you can create interest by using that simple technique.  You can post your pages in the "Jana's Jumpstarts" gallery at Creative Passion and/or in the gallery at Designer Digitals.  I would love to see your page.  Have fun!

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