Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Annoucements

It is that time of year....graduation time.  Although my kids aren't even close to graduating (Thank God), each spring I find myself creating somebody's graduation announcments. This year I created these for our neighbor Brock.  I did not take the photographs but I thought they were wonderful and was excited to work with them.  As always my clean, graphic style emerged and I wanted Brock's photos to steal the show.

A few years ago, I created this announcement for Brock's sister Paige and they wanted them to be similar.

This was the inside spread and opened wide.

I love graduation time because everybody seems to pull out the old photos and reflect on how much the individual has grown.  I recognize for some people that aspect of graduation times seems incredibly stressful as they try to pool 18 years of photos into meaningful keepsakes.  I guess as an ongoing memory-keeper, I am just so incredibly thankful that I find so much joy in continous documentation of our lives.  Once our kids are in bed, it almost feels like I get to relive these moments as I create their pages and I find so much fulfillment in documenting our journey.

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