Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10th

October 10th has finally arrived and I am so excited. Class started today. The first lesson was posted at midnight last night and I woke up early this morning and a beautiful page has already been posted in the gallery (thank you Val) at Getting It Scrapped. It was a perfect way to start the morning. I'm so excited about starting this new journey in my life.

Jeff was in Kansas City all weekend with our neighbor. He returns today and that makes me very happy!

The weather here has been incredible....80 degree temperatures and the colors of fall are amazing. My camera has been getting a workout!

Here are some photos from the last few days. On Friday, I took Amelia and Quinn to this fabulous little farm. We had a blast!

This is our sweet little neighbor who always comes to see if the kids will play with her. She just turned two and yesterday when I came out into our garage she was standing there and said "Mia jump leaves". It was precious.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Great photos Jana (with a J) LOL. Especially that last one, such smiles. And that one with Quinn patting that little itty bitty goat, has made me go awwwww, it's too too cute.

    Congratulations on Lesson 1 in the Class, it's brilliant, I can't wait to play.