Sunday, January 30, 2011

Documentation - Right Now

I started scrapbooking as a way of recording details many years ago. My scrapbooking has evolved quite a bit from that starting point but record keeping is certainly my number priority. My memory is terrible. As a mom to three little ones, I am constantly amazed at how quickly time is escaping. As a stay at home mom, my days often seem long and yet when I look back the years have flown by. There are so many little moments each day that tell so much about who we are. While I can't slow down time, I try to record as many of the details as possible.

The page below is one example of my way of recording some of the details. Once a year, I sit down for about 20 minutes and write as much I can think about my child at that particular stage...the little stuff that probably wouldn't make it onto a page and I would easily forget.

their height/weight
what they like to eat for breakfast?
what causes meltdowns?
what books are they reading?
what toys are they playing with?
what do they like to do in the morning?
what is the nighttime routine?
what funny things they say?
what do they like to wear?
where do they like to go?
what shows do they like to watch?
who do they like to play with?
what is challenging about this age?
what is wonderful about this age?
what qualities do you see emering?

It has been so fun to look back and when I do there are so many things that bring me back to the moment...things that would have escaped me and them if I hadn't recorded them. If you haven't done so already, give it a try. I know you will appreciate it down the road.

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