Monday, April 30, 2012

Capturing Childhoood

My favorite aspect of photography is trying to capture my kids being kids.  I love just sitting back and watching them explore the world.  The other day Mia, Quinn and I spent the morning at the park. We do this ALOT.  We came home and Mia went on the bus.  I had no intentions of going back to the park but Quinn thought it would be a good idea.  He wanted to go to a different park.  We didn't have anything else going on so I went along with it.  I, of course, grabbed my camera.  When the kids are at the park, I often work on my photography by taking photos of things around the park.  Well, my camera got a workout that afternoon.  In addition to working on some macro shots, I took in every little detail of seeing life through Quinn's eyes that afternoon.  I was thrilled with the photos that I got.  Not one of these photos is staged.  I simply captured Quinn just being Quinn.

We got out of the car, he grabbed a snack and pointed to where he needed to eat his snack.  I thought it was a great choice myself.

 Checking out the water under the bridge and wondering if there are real fish in there...

Can't get to the other side of the pond fast enough.

I was then trying to get some photos of these ducks that were in the pond.  I look up and here he is.  Notice the outhouses in the reflection.  If this was staged, those outhouses would not be there.  I'm pretty sure that when this image makes it onto the page, those outhouses won't be there as well although I do find it kind of funny.

He ran off to the park and I was trying to capture this shot of this dandelion.  I was playing with settings and trying different things.  The next thing I know he is right next to me and trying to figure out what I am doing.

Then he decides that he should fish while I'm "practicing my pictures".

He was explaining some scene in Star Wars to me....he does this alot.  I started doing some Star Wars impersonations which were apparently quite poor because he couldn't stop laughing.

I think sometimes we put too much thought into trying to find the perfect spot or situation to take a photo.  Let your child take the lead and see what happens.  Not once during this little excursion did I say "sit here" or "smile for the camera".  He was having fun being a kid and I was having fun just taking it all in.

I've thought about making a little album for him.  I love these photos so much.  I did make one page that you can see below but I seriously could make a whole series of this little adventure. I'm so far behind with everything so I'm adding that album to my "to do list".

Next time that you are at the park with your child, sit back and let them take the lead.  Childhood is such a beautiful stage...certainly one to be savored.


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  1. these pictures and nice to hear your thoughts behind them. My littlest one does not do the park anymore and rolls his eyes when I try to get a picture but I'm going to keep trying. Your pond page is beautiful....

  2. Love your pictures and that you take us along on the journey-- love keeping up with your family!