Friday, April 27, 2012

Generations - Fall Heritage Class

I have mentioned that I am writing a new heritage class for fall.  I am SO EXCITED about this one.  I love working with family heritage.  I think as scrapbookers, we have such an important role in telling the stories of our lives and the lives of others.  What could possibly be better than sharing the stories from generations that have gone before us and including our own stories along the way.  I seriously get giddy about this.  I have had a number of emails asking me about the class.  As I mentioned I am in the process of writing it but I thought I could shed a little bit more about where this is all headed. 

When I first came to the digital world, one of the first projects I completed was a family heritage album...well, actually, I completed four of them.  Each a little different and tailored to my father, my aunt, my mother-in-law and one for our family.  It was a HUGE project and took my months to complete.  In the end, I was thrilled to have so much information in one album.   This is the cover to our album.  Please keep in mind, I was new to digital and let's just say the whole take on this project would look significantly different today.

Our album was 100 pages and easily could have been 200 pages.  I had to leave out so much information because Shutterfly had a 100 page limit and I knew I wanted it bound.  I didn't find any other options for printing.  The basic information of our family and the generations that have gone before us is in this album but like everything that I do in life...I want it to include more.  Over the last year, I've been itching to redo this album and make it exactly what I want it to be both in my style as well as by including as much information as possible without constraints.  I know there are great places to have huge albums printed and that opens up the possibilities for this album.

I have started reworking this album and it is so much fun.  I know that there are a lot of people out there just like myself who inherited a treasure trove of old photos.  What could be more exciting than getting those photos out of the box and sharing the stories in a complete album that can be passed on from generation to generation?

As I mentioned, I'm in the middle of writing this class and having so much fun with it.  My hope for this class is that it breaks down what might seem like an ENORMOUS project into manageable steps that we can do together.  There is a lot to this class.  I will be covering scanning/organizing photos and memorabilia, quick photo fixes, basic photoshop, special effects, time savers, page design, organizing an album.  As I have been working on this, my mind is racing with ideas because I'm so darn excited!

This is the plan.  The class will go on sale in June.  When people register for the class, there will be an introductory video to help them get started.  The introductory video will help you get started with the process of getting your information out of the box and onto your computer.  I will show you how to scan and organize your valuable material.  There is no denying that there will be a lot of work involved in this class but in the end, I know you will be over-the-moon with what sits in your hands.  And I'm sure future generations will be as well.  My hope is that once you register, watch the video in June, you feel empowered to get busy over the months of June and July scanning and getting everything onto the computer.  When class starts in September, we are going to take that information and run with it.

I am seriously giddy about this class.  I am excited to share my system for creating an album with you and hope that can join me on the ride.  Registration will begin in June. 


  1. This sounds so exciting Jana. I've had to purchase so many heritage type products for this recipe book I'm working on, this might be perfect for me.

  2. Yeah...I'm in! Will totally look forward to this Jana! Sounds like you've been doing lots of glad you're sharing with us!

  3. This sound awesome. I did a paper heritage album for my family (before digi). Now I've got all my husband's old photos. Perfect! Also, wondering ... I've been printing at Shutterfly. Where can you print bound albums that they allow more than 100 pages. I'd love to check 'em out!

  4. Hi Barbara, I'm having this album printed at Blurb. They can go well over 100 pages and I have had friends use them and were happy. My 365 project will also be printed there. Thanks for the kind comments and for following my blog!

  5. This class sounds great! Although I can't imagine how the Heritage Book can get any better...I pulled mine out again and went through it amazed at the wealth of memories in there. Seems your creative juices are overflowing once again! All for our benefit!!!! The grandchildren have grown up so much since you made it.

  6. Can't wait to hear all the details about this class Jana....sounds like something right up my alley. Will it be offered at Creative Passion?? Looking forward to this.

  7. I am *IN* for this class. I was so excited when I read you are doing this! I have about 200 heritage photos already scanned. A few weeks ago I signed up for Scancafe emails and they sent out a special offer a week ago and I signed up for it. I sent my first batch of heritage photos off to be scanned last Saturday. Kayla Lamoreaux had a good review of this company on her site a few weeks ago. I should be good to go by the time the work starts in September since I have started gathering up even more heritage family photos in the past few days. I will continue to scan some manually at home and look forward to tips and pointers.