Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blueprints - Angles of Photoshop

Blueprints - The Angles of Photoshop is now on sale at Creative Passion and I am excited!  I have been working on this for awhile and it is fun to see it all falling into place.  I came up with the title "Blueprints" because I really like to break down a layout layer by layer.    I'm planning on having other classes in my "Blueprints" series but I'm thrilled to be starting out with this one. 

In this class, I will show how I use angles to enhance my photos, products and pages.  The class consists of four recordings with the "blueprints" to accompany the recordings.  The blueprints will walk you through each step of my creative process.  The class will run from May 14 - June 4th.  In addition to the recordings that can be downloaded to your computer and the blueprints, students will have access to the class gallery to share their work as well as a class forum to ask questions and share ideas.

This class is for Full Photoshop Users. I'm sorry to my friends who use Elements but it just doesn't have the necessary tools needed for these layouts.  I want to assure my Elements friends that I am not deserting you and I will have classes in the future that will be applicable to you.

Ever since I dove into the digital world, I thought I had two different styles of pages....1) traditional scrapbook pages that could easily be duplicated in the paper world.  2) artsy pages that generally involve blending.  As I was preparing for this class, I decided that I have a third catagory that I would call my "REALLY FUN" layouts....believe me I have fun on every layout but these layouts just have an added dimension of fun to them.  Well, all four layouts in Angles of Photoshop fit whole-heartedly in my third catagory of digital scrapbooking...REALLY FUN.  They certainly bring a unique perspective to preserving memories.   

Here is one of the layouts that I am excited to share with you...

All products are from Designer Digitals.

If you are on the mailing list at Creative Passion, there is a $5.00 off coupon code that you don't want to miss.  It expires on Friday.  I hope you can join me for Blueprints: The Angles of Photoshop.  I promise you will have a lot of fun looking at your photos and products in a whole new way.  AND I cannot wait to see what you create!


  1. Fantastic Jana :) ... let the *FUN* begin !!!

  2. What a shame I have Elements only. That layout looks amazing!!

  3. I'm in and looking forward to the class. I have CS2 (an older Photoshop version). Hope that won't cause any problems or hamper me from doing any of the things demonstrated in the lessons.


  4. Big smile!!! Can't wait, you are awesome! :)

  5. Great...I'm so glad to hear that you will be joining me in the course and you will be just fine with CS2! YEAH!

  6. So happy when I came home to find this in my email!! Another class from Jana yeah....and perfect timing because my daughter's wedding will be over by then. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your angles!!!!

  7. Jana, I just stopped by after visiting the Creating Keepsakes Blog. I saw your incredible layout of your son there. This is by far the most phenomenal layout I have ever seen!