Sunday, April 15, 2012

Creating Keepsakes - Simple Scrapbooks

Last week Creating Keepsakes - Simple Scrapbooks was released.  This is a special issue that is available in bookstores.  Last fall Creating Keepsakes asked me to create a page for this issue.  The challenge that they presented was that I was only allowed FOUR products on my page.  I consider myself a pretty simple/graphic type of scrapper but four products was a whole different deal.  I LOVE challenges and was eager to jump right in.

Here is the page that I created for this issue.  My approach was entirely different and it was so fun.  I love creating with a challenge in mind because it forces me to think of my photos/products and page in a different way.  For this particular challenge, I tried to figure out ways in which I could make the viewer's eye move around the page without having embellishments on it.  I decided to use a curve to accent the focal photo.  I also clustered my photos together and used a simple brush to tie it all together.    Solid cardstock did not count as my four products.  The other four that I used were white frames, polka-dot paper, snowflake brushes (all from Kaite Pertiet) and a second font for my title.  Four adds up pretty quickly. 

I love this issue of Creating Keepsakes.  It is loaded with sketches that are simple and creative.  I've always enjoyed following a sketch.  There are so many other creative ideas in this issue.

I want to encourage you to give this challenge a try.  What can you do with four products?  I know it will get your creativity flowing.  I would love to see what you come up.

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  1. Fantastic! Congrats on a job very well done.

  2. Amazing Jana! I can't believe you had to count a font as a product though. In my mind, you did this challenge with 3 products! I just might have to get that issue.

  3. this is an awesome layout. I always loved the Simple Scrapbook magazine and am happy to hear that CK is publishing one now - I'll have to go find it.