Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inspiration Station with Amy Kingsford

I don't know about you but sometimes I sit down at the computer to create and my mind is racing. I LOVE looking for inspiration all around me....not only in the online galleries which are fabulous but also in magazines...seeing color schemes in magazines...on billboards and so on.

Amy Kingsford has a new class starting in March. It is called Inspiration Station and it has my name all over it!

Here is the course description: Each day we find exhiliration in the ideas that we get from products, photos, blogs, classes, techniques, and projects we see. And each day many of us feel paralyzed when we set out to create, where do we begin? How do we apply this inspiration into projects? How do we keep our creative freedom and maintain our sanity amidst all of the creative stimulation? Amy Kingsford is setting out to help us control the chaos and get something done! Register now for this new workshop, Find Your Inspiration Station and get 10% off "early bird" special - just use coupon code:A1F2891C Be's only good until Friday (2/3).

I think this course sounds fabulous. I often hear people say "I don't even know where to start". The whole process can sometimes seem daunting and yet if we break it down into manageable steps, it doesn't have to be daunting....and more importantly, it can be flat-out FUN! I hope to see you in class. I will be there!

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