Monday, February 20, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking Essentials

Pattie Knox is starting her next series of classes next week...Digital Scrapbooking Essentials and More Digital Scrapbooking Essentials. You can purchase them individually or as a bundle. The first workshop runs from March 1st - March 22nd and the second workshop runs from April 5th - April 26th. I get the privilage of proofreading and viewing all of Pattie's materials before class begins. I'll just say that tonight I read through Lesson 1 on recoloring. I honestly don't think my proofreading was quite up to par because I was SO enthralled with what I was learning. The first lesson is 20 pages long filled....FILLED with fabulous material. I learned a TON. That handout is not leaving my many valuable tips in there. I cannot wait until lesson 2.

If you are looking to learn more about photoshop, I cannot recommend this series of courses enough. I spent tonight just playing with all of the techniques she shared. I'm just supply stash just became that much bigger because now I know so many cool ways of recoloring!!! Can hardly wait to see what I learn tomorrow!

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