Saturday, February 25, 2012

Children's Artwork

I LOVE art...always have....always will. I love to look at it...I love to create it...and I have recently found out that I love to teach it! My girls both love to create as well and it is so fun to see what inspires them. I have piles of their artwork which I never seem to want to get rid of. The piles of artwork have come to a point in which I needed to do something. When I get something that they REALLY put a lot of time into or it touches me in some special way, I will tuck it in the back of their scrapbook. I also like to scan it in and use it on my pages. I really like to incorporate their art into mine.

I recently created these two pages for my daughters. This was one of those cases in which I had the vision in my head before I sat down to the computer so it didn't take me long at all to put this together. And once again, one of the many benefits of life in the digital world is that you can easily personalize the page. I wanted their artwork to look as if it was a mural on this wooden wall. I was so excited with how this turned out because their beautiful artwork steals the show. My girls loved these pages as well which is always a bonus.

A couple of years ago I created a spread for each of the girls. This was the left side and the ride side was just filled with framed images of their artwork...

Right when I came to the digital world, I saw this idea somewhere and had to duplicate it. This picture was done by Ellie when she was 4 and I'm pretty sure that out of all of the pages that I have created for her...this is her favorite. She still loves to turn to this page in her album.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

I am working on a new class which will start in May and the first page in this post will be included in that class. This class is called "The Angles of Photoshop" and I'm really excited to share these pages and these techniques with those who are interested.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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  2. Wow! I discovered your blog a few months ago and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts! Every. Single. One.
    In fact, I love your work so much, I signed up for Blending & Beyond. I've struggled with blending for a year now. For some reason things just weren't clicking. Thanks to you, that's no longer a problem.

  3. Fantastic! How lovely to have the artist at work on the art page!

  4. NEW CLASS PLEASE, Jana! You need to teach these techniques!!! : )

  5. As always Jana, amazing layouts! Yes, another class - can't wait!

  6. Wowie! Jana, your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Fabulous!