Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today it was beautiful outside so the kids and I went sledding all morning. We had an absolute blast. I refer to this place where we sled as Mt. is HUGE. I just sat at the bottom of the hill for the longest time and appreciated every moment looking at this scene in front of me. God's light was shining right down on us. I cannot wait to scrap this photo!

The hill was very fast with LOTS of jumps...this is how Mia's first run went...

I followed suit and went down that same run right after Mia and had the same experience. Although I am pretty certain that I didn't look nearly as cute with my body rolling all over the place. The kids laughing hysterically confirmed that.

I took some shots of the kids and I felt like I was in a studio because the snow was pure white and sparkling.

Quinn has a different approach...he likes to lean back...I think he might have a future on the luge.

It was such a great days like this. We might have to head back there tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. such beautiful photos and looks like so much fun. Hard for me to imagine since it was 85 here yesterday

  2. Amazing photos! That top one with the perspective is spectacular!

  3. They are the greatest shots Jana, such action and crystal clear.