Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Idea - Coffee Tumbler

You are probably aware that I love to create digital art. I am always trying to look for unique ways to use the art that I create and I also love to give personal gifts to my loved ones. My father-in-law is one of my most favorite people in the world. He is always eager to help me out with the kids and I am so grateful for his presence in our lives. I created this page after our family vacation this summer. I wanted to use it for part of his gift. I found some coffee tumblers at Starbucks for $12.95. You can create your own collage with them. So I took this layout and made it into a coffee tumber. I thought I would show you how I did that.

The coffee tumbler contains an insert that people are supposed to decorate and insert it back in the tumbler. I took out the insert, scanned it into the computer. In photoshop, I extracted the black image to create a template for my tumbler. I took my original layout and moved pieces of it over from the psd file and it worked so well. Here it is how it looked after my additions...
Here is the finished product. It didn't take any time to put this together. I know a lot of us put so much work into our passion. It is so fun to find ways of using that passion beyond scrapbook pages. I'm excited to give this to him and I hope that he likes it.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

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  1. Terrific idea! I loved this LO when I saw it in your gallery and now you've made it even more special by making it everyday accessible.

  2. My husband gave me a Starbucks Tumbler 3 years ago when our 3rd was born. I put the birth announcement in it for awhile - now 3 years later it sits empty & I was wondering how to go about creating a new template. What a fabulous idea about scanning it in! Once I recreate a working template I'll never lose it again!! Your layout in it is FABULOUS!

  3. He will love it! I know I would!

  4. Any chance of the PSD template being available?