Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Masterful Scrapbook Designs

Scrapbooking and preserving family memories has always been one of my passions in life. I fun so much fulfillment photographing and recording the details of our lives. One of the most wonderful aspects of being involved with an online community of people who "get me" is that I get to share this passion with others. I've always been intrigued by the idea of teaching others about scrapbooking.

Well, I'm excited to tell you that I was asked to be a guest teacher for the month of June at Masterful Scrapbook Designs. Masterful Scrapbook Designs is a web-based seminar created by Debbie Hodge from Getting It Scrapped. Each month they have four guest teachers (2 paper scrapbookers and 2 digital scrapbookers) share information about a given topic. The other guest teachers for June will be Katrina Kennedy, Karen Grunberg, and Dina Wakley. The topic for June is photos. We will be sharing information about everything from taking photos to placing them on the page. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. I'm sure I will have more to say about this closer to June but just wanted to share the news with you. The month of May will also be featuring four very talented people includinig Kayleigh Wiles and Amy Mallory. You might want to check it out. I know that I certainly will.

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  1. Oh, you will be brilliant, Jana! You have so much expertise to share about taking beautiful photos of children and incorporating them into a page!