Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ice Show

Last summer, Amelia told me that she wanted to take ice skating lessons. She started taking lessons in October. She had never been on the ice before and to be honest, she couldn't even stand up during the first lesson. She informed me a couple of weeks later, that she wanted to be in the ice show. That is so like her. When she wants to do something, she is bound and determined to do it. She has taken lessons since October and has LOVED every minute on the ice. It has been amazing to watch her gain confidence with each lesson and to see how excited she gets to skate. We have been at the ice rink all week it seems. Today was the ice show which included two performances. She was dressed as Minnie Mouse and skated to "It's a Small World". It was precious. She was so proud to be a part of all of it and the older girls were soooo good to her. I was impressed with everbody involved in the show...they were so kind and there were so many talented skaters out there. It was fun to watch them and it was fun for Amelia to see how hard they worked and how their hard work payed off. At any rate, it was a fabulous and exhausting day. We are so proud of Amelia and hope that if this is something she enjoys, she will continue to work hard at it. Here are some shots of the day....I need to say that taking photos in an ice arena is NOT easy so please forgive the quality of the images.
I wonder if this is how Nancy Kerrigan spent her time waiting for her turn on the ice...

Amelia was so blessed to have so many of her friends and family show up to watch her. Here she is with are dear neighbor Jan. I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. she is just amazing Jana! All that work!! She looks wonderful in her little outfit. I just love your photos!