Sunday, March 4, 2012

Golden Birthday

Four years ago today this little soul...or rather big soul (10lbs. 2 ounces and 23 inches long) entered our world. Quinn's birth was way more traumatic than we would have liked. He wasn't breathing at first and we are forever grateful for the incredible medical care that he received. Jeff and I were so scared during those initial few minutes and now that I look back on the last four years, I cannot even imagine our life without him. He has truly been a gift from God.

This is my favorite photo of all times...

Today he looks like this. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took of him this week. He is such a happy little guy and so full of life. I couldn't love this little guy any more.

We celebrated his birthday yesterday. This photo was taken before everybody arrived. He was playing with the little Star Wars figurines from his cake.

I know I've posted this page before but just had to share this little story. I almost always create at night when the kids are in bed. I usually show the kids their page in the morning. Apparently I did not show Q this page. I got my pages back from the printer this week. I put them in the albums. Quinn was going through his album and when he got to this page, he said "WOW MOM!". I have never got a "WOW" from him before. Then his little finger traveled from page to page on this spread and said "do you remember...". I just smiled and said "yes I do". This page represents four years of moments that I will never forget. Life is truly a gift and my heart overflows with gratitude for the incredible opportunity to have this little guy in my life.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That LO you made for your son is simply AMAZING. You've got some serious talent. If I can figure out how you did it I want to make a page like that for my kids.
    I love your pages - just thought I'd tell you.

  2. Ditto to the above and congrats with your little man's birthday!

  3. Can see why he said WOW, we all said that when we saw this page!! How fun...