Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Years

It is a big week around here. Jeff and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary today and Quinn has his golden birthday this weekend. We've had a really good week. Jeff and I snuck out by ourselves for dinner this week which is ALWAYS a treat. Ten years seems like a long time and yet I feel like we have been togethr forever. It has certainly been a busy ten years. I am so lucky that God brought us together and can't imagine my life without him.

This is the card that I made for Jeff...

All products are from Designer Digitals.

Jeff took off of work last Friday because I had a webinar and he took the kids. They ran a couple of errands and then went out for lunch. A couple of days later Quinn says to me "Mom, you know that Dad took us to the camera store to pick out your present". My heart started racing. I had no idea what he would have picked out but I REALLY liked where this was heading. He tried to explain to me what he bought (he wasn't even close on the description...he told me that he got me a little camera) and then asked me if I wanted him to show me where he hid it. Of course I said "no" but there was some temptation there. I told Jeff this and he just laughed. Needless to say I got my present earlier this week and it was an external flash for my camera. I was THRILLED and couldn't believe that he came up with this on his own.

In terms of photography, I feel like I do alright when I am outside because of the light. Inside is a whole different story. Living in Minnesota in which we are pretty much inside from November - April has its disadvantages. Our home is dark and I struggle with my indoor photos. I have had soooooo much fun playing with my new external flash. It has made a huge difference in my photos this week. It was the perfect gift.

I hope you have had a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. They are the worst secret keepers at that age! That is so funny! LOVE your page. Congratulations on your incredibly full 10 years!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love your card for Jeff! I remember when my daughter was about Quinn's age, she'd handed her grandpa a present and said "here grandpa it is a shirt!" Out of the mouths of babes!

  3. Congratulations! Happy 10th Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Quinn. I love the card you created.


  4. What a funny story, so cute and thanks for sharing that Jana! It made me laugh. What a great present, maybe I better get my husband reading your blog, lol! Good for you, resisting temptation...I would have found it hard too! Look forward to seeing your "indoor" pictures!

  5. QUinn is hysterical! Happy anniversary .