Thursday, July 7, 2011

Album Time - Disneyworld

Our family enjoyed a trip to Disneyworld last October and I have yet to start the album...that is until tonight. I have done some individual pages for each of the kids with some of their highlights but honestly the idea of putting together an entire album seemed like a lot. I know that I prefer to scrap day-to-day pages much more than tackling an entire album...although I would be the first to admit that I love having everything together in an album once it is complete.

I have made many, many albums throughout the last twenty years of scrapbooking and as I look back over the progression...I can see that I have learned something new with each one of them. My style and preferences have certainly changed. I am not planning on going back to redo the albums that make me cringe...I just chalk it up as part of the process and the important thing is that the memories have been recorded.

I have also learned a great deal about creating albums by looking through the online gallery. There are so many amazing and inspiring albums. I just love to see other people's pages come together and I have learned so much.

Tonight I decided that I had waited long enough to tackle this project. I think one of the reasons that I have been so hesitant to do the album is that I couldn't quite decide what kind of look I wanted it to have. After tonight, I think I have a few things figured out and a few things that I still need to figure out.

Here is what I have figured out (0f course this is all subject to change)...

1) I prefer albums in which all of the pages are tied together with a specific type of look. That doesn't mean that every page is the same but they are consistent. I decided that I wanted to use Lynn Grieveson's Lots of Shots templates. I just love that they are so clean and include so many photo areas. I shrunk Lynn's template down a bit so that I could frame the photo area. I love her templates as is but shrinking it down just feels more like me. Using a template makes the whole project a lot easier as well and it is easy to change templates to fit your needs.

2)I want to use a similar type of alpha for each of my titles. Maplebrook Studios has an entire line of Jelly Alphas. Some of these alphas come in their kits as well. The Jelly Alphas are my absolute favorite and I knew that I wanted to use them on this project.

3) I decided that I want to use bold and fun colors throughout this album because that is what Disneyworld is all about...FUN!

4) When I create an album, I always want things to be consistent and that means using similar types of embellishments, colors, design, and also fonts. My absolute favorite font for journaling is Century Gothic. I love that it is clean and easy to read. I use it A LOT. It was a given that I would use it for this project as well.

I'm going to approach this project a little different than I usually do. I'm going to start by just placing the pictures in the templates, picking the colors and doing the titlework initially on all of the pages. I haven't figured out what kind of brushwork and edging that I want to use yet so I plan on adding that at the end. I also need to fine tune my embellishments. I don't know how this will work but the whole process seems less daunting to me if I break it down into manageable chunks.

Here are the bare bones of my first three layouts:

As you can see, I have a long road ahead of me but at least it is a start. I have found that once I start something, I usually get more focused on finishing the project before I move onto other things. I sure hope that is the case here. My kids will be so excited when I complete this because they really haven't seen much of the Disney photos yet so that is a little extra motivation for me. This album is well overdue.

I hope you found this helpful. Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That looks absolutely fantastic, Jana!! What a great plan!