Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thoughts on Motherhood

Ellie finished school yesterday with tears in her eyes. She loves to go and she is just like her mom in a lot of ways...especially in the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeve. I tried to explain to her that she should be so grateful that she had such an amazing year with so many fond memories and wonderful experiences.

As we begin the summer, I have mixed emotions as a mom...I am excited about spending more time together...I'm exhausted just looking at our schedule...I'm looking forward to creating wonderful memories and enjoying each other...I'm worried about keeping up with everybody and the daily challenges that accompany having three kids...I'm hoping to be able to find some time with just Jeff as well as to time for myself...I'm hoping that everybody stays safe and remains healthy...I'm excited for a couple of my dear friends to welcome babies this summer.

Lately I have been thinking about what it means to be "mom". It is a role that I cherish more than anything and I feel so incredibly blessed to have three healthy children and to be able to spend my days taking care of them. I am so grateful to God for each of them and their unique personalities. I have been "mom" for seven and half years, and I cherish these three little souls like nobody's business but to this still blows my mind that it can possibly be this much work. How did my mom make it look so easy? Sometimes I get in what I call "the mom rut" in which all I feel like I am doing is scheduling, running kids around, telling them to pick up after themselves, disciplining, redirecting and resolving conflict. There are days when it all seems so monotonous and I question the significance of what I am doing.....I had one of those days earlier this week and then I came across this little story. I am doing a Beth Moore bible study right now which I love and she shared this story which just struck me.

When I was little, my nurse Dibby's cousin had a dog, just a mutt and the dog was pregnant. I don't know how long dogs are pregnant, but she was due to have her puppies in about a week. She was out in the yard one day and got in the way of the lawn mower and her two hind legs got cut of. They rushed her to the vet and he said, "I can sew her up, or you can put her to sleep if you want, but the puppies are okay. She'll be able to deliver the puppies."

Dibby's cousin said, "Keep her alive."

So the vet sewed up her backside and over the next week the dog leanred to walk. She didn't spend any time worrying, she just learned to walk by taking two steps in the front and flipping up her backside, and then taking two steps and flipping up her backside again. She gave birth to six little puppies, all in perfect health. She nursed them and then weaned them. And when they learned to walk, they all walked like her.

I took a lot from this little story. It made me laugh but most importantly it made me realize that even though there might be times when I don't feel like what I am doing matters...somebody is watching and learning from every move I make and that is VERY SIGNIFICANT!

Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by.

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