Friday, May 31, 2013

Quinn's School Year

Quinn's school year came to a close a few weeks ago and he will soon be moving on to kindergarten which is hard to believe.  We have been enjoying our days together and it has made me even more grateful that he will be in half day kindergarten next year.  I treasure this one-on-one time with him so much.  The other day the two of us headed to the beach.  Let's just say that it isn't exactly hot right now in Minnesota so we were the only ones there but we played all afternoon in the sand.  It was awesome and another reminder of how precious this time is. 

I know that I have written about this before but I really love this project and wanted to show you Quinn's page for the school year.  Each year I take their school photo and interview them.  I also include random photos from the year as well as their signature.  This year his school photo was a little different.  They didn't have the traditional background (which I prefer) so the background is a little different from years past.  I don't really understand this because they shoot them on a green screen.  Of course I thought of extracting him and putting him against the traditional background from last year.  That still might happen.  At any rate, regardless of the background I loved his sweet smile here.  It is so him.

I use a template for the left side by Cathy Zielske and all of the other products are from Designer Digitals.  I created a template for the right side to match and I use it every year.  I love flipping through their books now and I know I am going to love it even more when they are graduating from high school.

Most of my projects are very simple.  Simple makes the pages and project come together so much easier.  I would encourage you to write down the highlights of your child's school year while the memories are still fresh.  I know you will be glad that you did.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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