Monday, April 29, 2013

Creating Keepsakes Submission Calls

Hello Friends.  I know I mentioned this earlier on my blog but I think is worth mentioning again. I was recently in Utah for editorial meetings with Creating Keepsakes magazine.  It was amazing on so many levels but one of the things that I am VERY excited about is that CK REALLY wants to reach out to the Digital Scrapbooking community.

There have been some changes in the magazine recently.  In addition to providing a print subscription, a digital subscription is also available.  If you are a print subscriber, you automatically have access to the digital version of the magazine.  You can also just subscribe to the digital issue.  You can find out how to access the digital version here.  The print version is not going away however, you will find the most content in the digital edition.  The digital edition has now become their core magazine.  The digital issue offers more opportunities to expand on content that  is not applicable to the print edition such as video tutorials, step outs and more pages.

As I mentioned, they are really interested in expanding their digital content.  In fact, the July/August digital issue will have a digital scrapbooking insert and they are hoping to continue on this path.  I left each meeting very excited about their interest in the digital scrapbooking community.   If they can see that this is well-received, they are very excited to continue expanding it.

Submission Calls - The submission calls for the November/December issue just went live on the CK Blog.  There are a number of great calls including some specifically for digital scrapbookers.  Here is the link.  They are looking for "never before seen" pages.  I want to encourage you to submit your work for an opportunity to be published.   I would love to see your pages in print!

I am very excited about where CK is headed.  They are very interested in digital scrapbooking.  I also know that if we want CK to continue expanding their digital content, they need our support and feedback!!!

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