Saturday, April 20, 2013

Creating Keepsakes Editorial Meetings

I had an amazing week.  I was in Utah all week for editorial meetings with Creating Keepsakes.  It was an opportunity to talk at length and to see all that happens behind the scenes.  We evaluated past issues, talked about upcoming trends in the industry, digital scrapbooking, and we really zeroed in on content for future issues.  It has been such a privilege to be involved on this level with a magazine that I have loved since their very beginning.   I am very excited about what is ahead for Creating Keepsakes.

Creating Keepsakes continues to makes changes based on the most effective ways to get content to their audience.  Technology is playing a huge role in where CK is headed.  There has been some significant changes in terms of the digital issue starting with the May/June 2013 issue that was recently released.  If you have a subscription to the print copy of Creating Keepsakes, you also have free access to the digital issue.  If you have not signed up for the digital issue, you can follow these instructions and you can get signed up in no time.   This link will also give you the information that you need to subscribe if you do not currently have a subscription.  While we can still enjoy the print edition of Creating Keepsakes, the digital issue includes everything in the print edition plus a whole lot more.   The digital issue has become the core issue of Creating Keepsakes and we are very excited about the opportunities that the digital edition provides.  In fact, I will share a little secret about the July/August issue of Creating Keepsakes there will be a special insert in the digital issue and all I can say is that as a digital scrapbooker, I am VERY excited!

I really enjoyed my time with the editors and dream team members.  It was so fun to finally meet everybody in person and we had such a great time.  Everybody just clicked and I felt like I have known everybody for years.  In addition to the work that we put in (which was also fun), it was a week full of laughter and friendship.  There are so many scrapbooking companies that make their home in Utah.  In addition to our meetings, we also enjoyed tours of Persnickety Prints, American Crafts and Stampin Up.  I will share more information about these tours later this week on my blog.  It was awesome!

It has been an action-packed week to say the least.  Jing-Jing Nickel is also a dream team member and lives in the Minneapolis area.  Minneapolis just received a ton of snow this week and we had some issues getting back which transferred into spending an unexpected night in Spokane, Washington.  Ellie and Mia's big ice show is this weekend so it is nothing like getting off of the plane and hitting the ground running.   It is such a fun time of the year.  A special "thank you" to all of my friends at CK for such a fabulous week!

I will be back with more information from our tours later this week.  Have a great weekend!