Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Persnickety Prints

Last week I was in Utah for meetings with Creating Keepsakes.  It was a very full and fun week.  There are many scrapbooking companies that make their home in the Salt Lake City area and we had a few tours which was awesome.  One of the places we visited was Persnickety Prints.  I was SO excited to go there.  Persnickety Prints is where I get my pages printed.  I have tried a couple of other places and I always come back to Persnickety.  I put so much time and effort into my pages and I am extremely picky about the quality of my images.  Every time I get a package from them, I am blown away with the quality of my prints.  I feel like I could hang each and every one of them right on my wall.  The quality is not the only thing that blows me away....the speed is also top-notch.  When I place an order, I'm always shocked when I see it on my doorstep two days later and let's just say Utah is not right around the corner from Minnesota.

When members of the CK Editorial Team and Dream Team went to Persnickety Prints, we went around and introduced ourselves to Chari, the owner.  When I introduced myself, Chari said "oh my gosh Jana...you order from us all of the time" and she ran over and gave me a hug.  She then went on to say "we know our customers by name".  It was so cool and reconfirmed why I have been such a loyal customer for over three years now.

I had to have a photo with Chari.

Chari went on to explain how she started Persnickety because she was a digital scrapbooker and was not happy with the options that she had for printing.   As she showed us around and talked about the company, her passion for what they are doing was obvious.  Chari and her team are in this business because they want to give digital scrapbookers the best quality prints to preserve their memories.  We saw some images being printed which was so fun.  There were a few pages laying on a table with notes on them.  Chari explained that the  images had poor resolution and they had contacted each of the customers to talk about how the image could be improved. They truly care about the quality of what they are producing.  As a memory keeper, that is HUGE in my world.

Chari went on to talk about the technical aspects of their product.  They use photo paper which isn't always the case when you are having images printed.  Photo paper allows the image to actually be embedded in the paper itself.  For example, if you bend an image that was printed on photo paper, you will not see any white in the creases because the ink is actually on the inside of the paper as well.  If you spill water on a print, you can just wipe it off and it will not alter the quality of the image.  

It was so great to meet Chari and to hear more about what goes on behind the scenes of Persnickety Prints.  They have been my "go-to" company for over the last three years and will certainly continue to be.

Just a heads up....they are having their big semi-annual sale during the first week of May in honor of National Scrapbooking Day.  You might want to start getting your images ready for print.  I know I will be.


  1. What a fun opportunity Jana! I love using Persnickety Prints!

  2. What a great article! I am glad to know all this about the prints-being so new to digi! Thanks Jana, & thanks to Persnickety!!!

  3. Nice in formation. So happy to know this persnickety prints. This is cool.

  4. How fun...I LOVE Persnickety Prints! I too, am always amazed at how fast I receive my orders.

  5. i just placed another order yesterday. hehehe!