Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Album for Ellie

I started scrapbooking many, many years ago because I wanted to document life.  Once we had children, my passion for memory keeping went to an entirely different level.  I love photographing, recording and documenting every aspect of our lives...the big things and the small things.  I absolutely love the whole creative process but still the most important thing about what I do is that my children are going to be able to look at our memories in the pages that I create and always hear my voice.  

I love to create things for my children....from key chains to bookmarks to notes tucked in their lunchboxes.  I decided recently to create an album for Ellie and thought I would share a few of the pages here.  I'm pretty certain that Amelia and Quinn will have one similar using this same template that I created.  

Have I mentioned lately how much I love digital?  I'm sure that I have.  I created a simple template which I used throughout the entire album and the album came together very quickly.  I simply changed the color scheme based on the photos and that was it.  Before I started the album, I made a list of topics that I wanted to share in Ellie's album.  The journaling on each page is just a matter of me telling her how I see these different topics right now in her life.

Here is the title page....

The following pages are all two page spread...

Ellie is all about zebra prints so Katie Pertiet's new kit Lucy Lou at Designer Digitals couldn't have been more perfect.  In addition to the page titles that you see here, I also included pages on family, faith, artwork, school and Girl Scouts.  Ellie has watched this album come together and is so excited to have it in her room.  She takes such an interest in what I do as well as what the people in my classes do.  The other day I had a good laugh.  She loves to look at the galleries for my classes and she seems to know everybody.  Ellie was looking at somebody's awesome page and said "Hey Mom, what filter did they use on this one?"  It was so funny.

I love sharing my passion with her and I know she gets it.  I hope that she will always be able to look at the pages and things that I have created for her and hear my voice.


  1. What filter? Now that's hilarious! Great pages and memories for her to hold dear.

  2. Awesome album Jana! Love the comment about the filter. I really don't know how you find the time to do all that you do, and yet do it so beautifully and with so much detail. You are amazing!

  3. These are wonderful layouts Jana. I love your journaling as well - it is so heartfelt. Ellie is very lucky to have you as her mom!

  4. I do check your blog, but always forget to comment. It is fun to check on to see what you are doing and to keep up. Great album, I also would like to know how the heck you juggle your time. Wow.