Sunday, October 28, 2012


I hope you had a great weekend!  We had a really nice weekend which started on Friday with a birthday celebration in our house.  Wiley turned 10 and he got the royal treatment which always includes ham for dinner and birthday cake.  I can't believe he is 10.  He has been such a wonderful part of our family.

My brother and nephew's football team won their first round of the playoffs which was huge and so much fun.  I can't wait for the game this week.

On Saturday, the kids went trick or treating on main street which is a whole lot of fun for them.  They are so excited about their costumes and it is nice that they get to wear them more than once.  Well, actually Quinn has been in his non-stop and it is already tearing out from so much use.  

Amelia and Quinn decided to be Power Rangers.  The two of them are so close and it was no surprise that they wanted to do something together.

Here they are on main street checking out the "goods".

Ellie wanted to be Katy Perry and I just didn't think that was a good idea so she decided to be a raccoon instead.  I love her costume and it is going to be warm which is always a plus in Minnesota this time of year.

The kids have been counting down until Halloween.  They only have two more days to wait!  Life is good!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!

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