Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Tags

I love creating all kinds of things.  I am in charge of the gift bags for Quinn's preschool class Halloween Party and yesterday we put them together.  This is how they turned out.

I dusted off my old Cricut machine that played a large role in my old traditional scrapbooking days.  We found a tag that I cut out and scanned in.  This is how the tag looked:

After I cut it out on the Cricut, I scanned it into the computer.  I wanted to know both the size and shape so that I could create an inside tag with each child's name.  Once I brought this tag into Photoshop, I took the magic wand and tapped on the white.  It activated all of the white around the tag.  I then went to "Select" and "Inverse" to activate only the tag shape.  I then created a new layer above the tag in the layers palette and went to "Edit" and "Stroke".  I entered a value of 3.  This gave my tag a black outside line so that I knew what shape to create the design.

I then created a new document and used my move arrow tool to bring this outline of the shape over to the new document.   I made the outline a bit smaller so that when I cut them out, the colors of the original tag could be seen around the edges of the white. I duplicated it a number of times (Command/Control + J) and I was all set to start adding my products.  

I decided to use Pattie Knox's cute little Boo Buddies and these tags came together in no time.  Here is how they looked on my computer.

Of course I needed to add a back to them.

Quinn helped me stuff the cups and this is how the batch looked when we were all done.

I really like creating things for others and so do my children.  I enjoyed using my Cricut again and combining that with the fabulous digital products that are so easy to use.  If you are looking for some quick Halloween tags, this is a fun one.  Have a great day!

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  1. so cute! i just used a cricut for the first time tonight...to make a birthday banner for my almost 7-year-old. so fun! i didn't think of using it to make tags! oy!