Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creating the Scene

I was just looking at Somerset Memories Fall 2011 issue. I love this magazine as well as their Digital Studios magazine. I find so much inspiration in them.

Throughout my blending class, I have been hearing people say that they are going to approach their photography differently as a result of the class. I believe that the way that I approach photography is probably different than most people. I can't really describe it. I ran across this artist today and I loved the way that she described her work. Her name is Heidi Kelley and this is from Somerset Memories Fall 2011 issue. She wrote:

Somewhere, some time ago, the words "You don't take a photograph, you make a photograph," fluttered past my ears and found themselves ground within my artistic heart. They so accurately described everything that I felt when I watched my children interact with the world on a daily basis. While they were skipping past me - in creative play or gazing into some unknown wonderland they they had created in their own minds - I discovered that I, too, was seeing something around them. When I snapped pictures, I myself, had created a vision of what I saw happening around them. At times I could almost see the "bubbles" that they swore they were dancing in, or the "garden" that those princesses were sitting it. When I heard those words, it became so clear to me how it was that I wanted to create my artwork. For me, it is all about setting a scene and capturing the memory of the very moment in which I "made" the photograph.

I just loved her words. I can so relate to what she is saying. One of my favorite aspects of scrapbooking is trying to convey the mood of the moment. The mood starts by being aware of what is really happening around you when you have your camera in hand. I love trying different angles when I am taking pictures and trying to figure out how that photo is going to work on my page. I have the end in mind as I'm clicking away with my camera. Once the photos are taken, the fun really begins...I love trying to recreate the scene and the mood that was captured in my photos. I think that hands down creating a mood is most most favorite aspect of documenting life.

I read Kelly's words and then reread them. I love her insight and I thought you might find them inspiring as well.

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