Monday, November 21, 2011

Blending and Beyond Comes to a Close

As many of you may know, this fall I embarked on a new little journey. I taught my first scrapbooking class called "Blending and Beyond". As I was preparing for the class, I was nervous and excited. I wanted to make sure that I was able to deliver what people were looking for in a format that was easy to follow. I was very excited for the class to start because I love sharing my passion for scrapbooking with others.

After six weeks, the class has come to a close. I learned so much throughout this process and enjoyed every single step of the journey. I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and insight blew me away. Honestly, I would go to the gallery and I would be giddy. I cannot say enough about how everybody in the class took the techniques I shared with them and made them their own. The gallery is full....FULL of beautiful and inspiring pages. I am so proud of what everybody has done. I thought about posting some pages here so everybody can see what I am talking about but honestly I went to the gallery and started to sweat. There was NO WAY that I could just pick a handful. I want to thank everybody in the class for taking this journey with me. It confirmed two things for me.....1) I LOVE to teach and hope to continue to do it for a long time. 2) There are a lot of talented people out there who are looking for more advanced courses.

I want to also thank Debbie Hodge for giving me this incredible opportunity. I had never taught before and I feel like she took a chance on me and walked me through the entire process. I could never have done this without her guidance, encouragement and insight! I also need to say "thank you" to my husband who played a major roll in all of the technology needed for this course. He has been so supportive through it all. I couldn't have done it without him.

As I move forward, there are some changes that are on the horizon. I have shared a little bit with the people in my class and thought I would share it with you as well. First of all, I will no longer be teaching at Get It Scrapped. Debbie Hodge started Get It Scrapped several years ago because she wanted to also share her passion for scrapbooking with others by teaching. She also started Masterful Scrapbook Designs which has been amazingly successful as well. As Debbie's site has grown, she has found that she has not been able to teach because her time has been focused on taking care of the site and all of the customer support. She would agree that the growth of the site has been fabulous but she wants to get back to teaching herself. In 2012, Debbie will only offer her classes at Get It Scrapped. I cannot say enough positive things about Debbie. I think she is inspiring on so many leveles and I wouldn't hesitate to take any one of her classes. As I move forward, I will be offering my classes at a new site. I cannot share too much with you now but the site will be released in the next couple of weeks. I am OVER-THE-MOON excited to be a part of this new site! I cannot wait to show it to you. There are a number of teachers that I think you will be thrilled with at the new site as well....including Debbie who is offering some classes at the new site. I am thrilled to be teaching on a panel of very creative and inspiring people.

When the new site is released, I will have registration information for "Blending & Beyond" as well as a new class called "Creative Composites". The new class is designed for individuals who have completed "Blending & Beyond". One of the advantages of the new site is that I have the flexibility of teaching what I choose which is wonderful. I have a lot of ideas running through my head right now and just need some time to develop them.

At any rate, please stay in touch with me through my blog and there will be a lot more information coming in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for checking in and for all of your support! Have a great day!


  1. I too have been checking out all the fabulous LOs people who are taking your blending class have been posting (and your LOs too). They have been inspiring. I was too late to take this first blending class of yours but rest assured I will NOT MISS the next one. I hope you'll be offering it soon!!!!

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  3. Thanks for this update, Jana! I have loved your blending class, and I am really excited to see the new site! (whoops, sorry for the mistake above.)

  4. Taking the journey with you has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself! I am so proud to be among the first to take this wonderful class! I can't wait for more!

  5. I just loved the B&B class--Jana, you are a natural as a teacher! Can't wait to continue on the journey with you and so glad you are committed to offering advanced and creatively challenging classes. You are very inspiring. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I also loved the Blending & Beyond class, and am looking forward to Creative Composites.
    I was shocked when you said during the last webinar that this was your first teaching clearly comes naturally for you. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  7. Congratulations Jana! I'm so behind with the Blending class but I love that I can save the lessons to come back to later. Skills and ideas now to last a lifetime.

  8. Jana....I have just loved your Blending and Beyond Class and so excited that you are teaching another one. Seriously, it was the most amazing class and it made me excited to get out of bed in the morning to scrapbook. I too loved visiting the gallery to see all the beautiful layouts! Good luck with all your changes and we will keep checking back here to see what you're up to.
    Thanks again with all my heart!!!