Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today through the Lens

My weekend started off on the right foot. I sent my "go-to" lens into get fixed a couple of weeks ago. They quoted me 6 - 8 weeks because it was going to Japan. My stomach turned but I had no choice. Well, I got the call on Friday that my lens was back....15 days later (yes, I was counting) and I am back to full strength and it feels SOOOOO good!

Today we went to my husband's company's picnic. I wasn't all that fired up to go but it turned out to be awesome. They went all out this year. When we arrived each of the kids got a cute stuffed dog....there were 6 different jumping balloons......face painters......cotton candy......popcorn....a huge buffet....arts and crafts for the kids. Let's just say the whole family was in heaven. Here are some shots from the outing....

After the picnic, we headed back to church because they have a program for the 2.5- 3 year olds in which they receive a bible from the church...Quinn was so excited.

He didn't waste any time diving in....

I hope those of you on the east coast are safe! Take care everybody and have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!

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