Monday, March 14, 2011

M & M Maple Syrup Coming Soon

My favorite part about our house is that we have a woods right behind our house. We have HUGE maple and oak trees and I just love being back there. Last summer our dear friend Brian was over and eyeing our trees. He asked if it would be alright if he tapped them for syrup at the end of next winter. Brian can give a much better explanation but the best time to tap is when temperatures are still cold but warmer than freezing. On Thursday, we tapped two of our maples. Everybody is so excited about this. I guess they stay tapped for about two weeks. He called on Friday for the report and I explained that we just had melted snow in the bucket because it was clear....he starts yelling "NO, THAT IS IT".....good thing I didn't dump it out! At any rate we are excited about this new little adventure. I'm supposed to come up with the labels for the bottles....I think we might be a little too optimistic but that is alright. Here are some shots from the "tapping party".

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