Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two for One

I'm all about getting something on sale and digital scrapbooking often makes me feel like I am getting something on sale.  I can create one layout and use it for all of my children.  I frequently do this and it feels like I am getting two for one....gotta love that.

A couple of days ago I created this page for Ellie.

Amelia saw it and said "I like that page", can I have one too......OF COURSE!

I've written before about how much I love handwriting.  I think it seems so personal and in their case right now, it shows growth.  I quick typed out a little questionaire for them and had them fill it out using a fine point    marker so that it would show up.  They love doing stuff like this and it is always fun to have them involved in their own memory keeping.  I am always scanning their artwork, writing samples and everything else that truly documents who they are at various stages of their growth.  Photoshop makes it so easy to incorporate these items into their pages.

Here  are some screenshots that show how simple this is.  I scanned in Mia's questionaire and placed it on the layers palette.

I then changed the blending mode (I love my blending modes!) to "Multiply" and that was it......easy peasy!

When we are recording memories, it is very easy to focus on the photos but what about other things.  Handwriting, artwork, certificates, etc. tell a story as well.  Don't forget that these items can bring a whole different element to your scrapbook.


  1. Wow these are awesome! Will have to do this with my grands!!!

  2. That really is terrific Jana, including their handwriting. I must remember that for my niece and nephew.