Friday, March 22, 2013

Memory Boards

One of the things that I love about scrapbooking or creating digital art is that it is so easy to take your scrapbook pages and use them in different ways.  Recently I created some memory boards for my children.

My son has been going through our Disneyworld album from a couple of years ago a lot lately.  I think he is going through withdrawal and trying to make a point.  I am picking up on his point loud and clear.  In the mean time, I decided to make him a memory board for his room with his favorite photos.  I bought a bunch of canvases at Michaels. They were 50% off and I couldn't believe how inexpensive they were.  The ones that I bought were white (they had black ones but they were not on sale).  I spray painted them black.  I took the cover image from our Disneyworld Album, made a few adjustments, and had it printed out.  I used Modge Podge to adhere it to the canvas.  Then I took some ribbon and wrapped it around the bottom of the canvas.  I then stuck my son's favorite photos in the bottom and it worked great.  He loves having this in his room.

I also created a similar canvas for my daughter Ellie.  I had created this image with photos from her first sleepover.  I printed the image out and adhered it to a 12 x 12 canvas that I had also painted black.  I had a little easel in the basement that worked perfectly for this canvas.  She has it sitting on her desk.

I love getting the most out of the images that I create.  I enjoy having them displayed around our home, I like using them for cards as well as coffee tumblers.  I think scrapbookers often get used to just tucking them in the album.  Try to figure out what other ways you can display your work.  I know others would like to enjoy your  images as well.

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  1. Your canvases look great! I've had the products set aside to do this on a canvas for quite awhile. Maybe your post will give me the nudge I need to actually try it.
    A year or so ago I purchased a 12x12 (they had 8x8 as well) page display from Michael's. It's basically a pretty black iron holder with hanging page protectors, with room for 24 pages I believe (front/back). It sits on a bookshelf near our entryway, so viewers can flip through the pages and see our family's recent stories. I love it, and can easily change out which layouts I want to display.