Monday, March 11, 2013

Quinn's Birthday

Last week we celebrated a very special day in our home...Quinn turned five.  I spent the week getting ready for his first party with friends.  He was so excited and of course it was a Star Wars theme.  I saw some great ideas on pinterest that I was so excited to try.  I made "light sabers" out of noodles for a swimming pool for everybody.  I cut the noodles in thirds and then wrapped silver and black duct tape on the ends and was set.  I decided to give everybody a Star Wars name and made tags for each light saber.  They turned out so cute and the kids had a blast with them at the party.  

We of course had our treasure hunt and the light sabers were the last part of the treasure hunt.  They had all become jedis after finding everything.

My kids all have winter birthdays and sometimes that is a bummer but not this year.  The weather was perfect for sledding in the back of our home and they loved it.

Here are the pages to document Quinn's birthday.  These will go in our Capture 2013 album and eventually I will create pages for Quinn's own series of albums.  I'm a little short on time now and that is why I love this project so much because when I do have time, I have all of the information right here.

I create a spread for his actual birthday and all of the little details about how he spent his day.

I created two pages for his actual party.  I was a little bummed because I had some great pictures of the kids with their light sabers that accidentally got deleted.  I'm still not sure how that happened but that is life.  I'm glad that I have so many other shots that summarize his special day.

It is hard to believe that my baby is now five and headed to kindergarten in the fall.  The time has gone so quickly with him and I'm holding onto this stage as long as I can!

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  1. Those are some seriously cool light sabers. Awesome pages too, such clean design! Okay, raise your hand if you are ready for spring that is warmer than 20 degrees? :)