Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend of October 10

We woke up to the ground covered in snow Saturday morning which was a little too soon for me to see that and then we headed to Hidden Haven. Jeff & I had fun at Trevor's wedding & the kids had a ball with Cheryl & Jerry. They got to go to the Silo Carnival which Ellie later described to me as "Beyond Awesome" and then they went out for dinner at the restaurant "Kwik Trip". Other highlights of the trip included seeing Cheryl's new granite countertops (Beyond Gorgeous), meeting Jessi's new boyfriend (owns a bulldog...what more can I say), and getting to spend time with the whole family again. We were all beyond tired by the time that we got home...we played in the leaves for awhile and then Ellie had to run off to another birthday party. Another great weekend!

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