Saturday, October 24, 2009

3rd Week of October

This week went by quickly despite the weather. Everybody has been healthy in our house (knock on wood) except for some minor runny noses. Quinn is really starting to talk. I can't believe what a change it has been in a week. We are probably the only ones that can truly understand him but it has been amazing to watch the changes. Yesterday, he came to find me & said "poopoo potty" and immediately headed to the bathroom where he got the potty seat out from under the sink & put it on the potty. Of course nothing happened when I put him on there but he was so pleased with himself & was beaming when he flushed....I tried to explain there wasn't anything to flush but he gave me a look like that truly didn't matter in life! Both of the girls continue to LOVE school & can't wait to get there. Jeff had a tough week of work because some virus got in and had to do a couple of overnighters...not fun!

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