Saturday, October 24, 2009

Double Decker

When the kids wake up each morning, they immediately ask me what we are doing today. I told them that today we were going trick or treating on mainstreet in the morning & then going to a halloween party in the afternoon at the park. There were probably heard them from whereever you are & Ellie responds with "this is a DOUBLE DECKER DAY"...yes, always know just what to say. Maple Grove does such a fantastic job with the kids. They trick or treated this morning at the various businesses on main street and then had a huge party at the park in the afternoon. Quinn wasn't quite sure about his Tigger costume but once he saw what it led to, he could have worn it forever. Ellie was WonderWoman which couldn't have been more perfect & Amelia couldn't quite decide. She was a princess in the morning & then decided to get more specific in the afternoon and turned into Princess Ariel.Quinn made a note to get a trick or treat bag next year with wheels...he dragged this one all over...WonderWoman got a new "colorful" do at the party...Need I say more...the perfect costume for Miss Elliana...And then there is sweet little Ariel...

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