Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Magic of Blending

I think it is no secret that one of my favorite aspects of digital scrapbooking is blending a photo.  I think it brings such a unique and beautiful look to a photo.  Blending allows you to create different moods on a page, it allows you to add textures to a photo, it allows you to create art using your very own photos.  Whats not to love about it?

One of my classes called Creative Composites ended a couple of weeks ago.  I'm always a bit sad when a class ends because I'll admit it, it is a treat for me to go to the gallery each day and see what everybody is creating.  The students in my class inspire me and they are so much fun to top it all off.

The gallery is FULL of amazing pages but I just had to share this set of pages with you.  It was created by Cathy and I think it AWESOME!  First of all Cathy has seven children and I think that in itself is amazing.   She created this page during class.  She had a photo of six of her seven children standing at the edge of the ocean.  I could look at this page all day long.  First of all to have six children lined up like that is a miracle in itself and then look at those reflections.  I told her that this would be hanging on my wall for sure.

Well Cathy was feeling a little bad that her oldest son was not in the photo.  She found another photo in which he was standing at the edge of the ocean and combined it with this photo.  The photo of her son was taken at a different time of day and there wasn't a reflection in the water.  In addition to having to blend her son into the image, she had to alter the colors to match the other photos as well as create a reflection to match the others.  I was SO impressed to say the least.  She said that her son was so happy to now be included in this amazing photo.

Cathy's page is such a wonderful example of how blending can enhance an image.  Photoshop gives us so many tools to create.  If you can imagine it, you can create it.   Blending allows us to take those tools and let our imaginations run.  It is empowering and inspiring.  Thank you Cathy for sharing these wonderful examples with us.  I am so inspired!


  1. Wow this is soooooo cool! I love that she was able to add her seventh child! You have taught us well Jana!!! Cathy your page is gorgeous!!!

  2. Love how she added the last grandchild. I told her I would of done the same thing, you can't leave out one child:) It is a gorgeous page, well done Cathy

    1. sorry it was child, I thought it was grandchildren, guess I have them on the mind.