Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visit to the farm

We spent the weekend at the farm and that is always such a treat for all of us. Everybody was home to celebrate Chaniah's confirmation so it was even more fun. My highlight for the trip was getting to photograph sweet little Piper....isn't she GORGEOUS!

The kids LOVED being at the farm and then staying in the hotel.

We also had some free time to hit some parks. These pictures were at the park by the Lake in Winona. They have a big stage for outdoor concerts.

Quinn of course lost no time on the stage before busting into his version of "move it, move it"

Then we headed to the farmer's park (the arches). This is a park that we used to go as kids. It is just beautiful and the kids enjoyed throwing rocks in the creek.

And then Quinn was living his dream of life on a tractor. Chad is SOOO good to him. Chad doesn't regularly farm in a suit as far as I know but he was just getting back from a wedding. Quinn's day was made to say the least.

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