Friday, January 4, 2013

Birthday Party Activity

Winter in the Morton household means birthday season.  We start with Ellie in the middle of December, then baby Jesus, Amelia's birthday was yesterday and Quinn's birthday is at the beginning of March.  It is a busy time of planning but I love it.  I love making the invites and getting everything ready for their parties.

Amelia wanted a sledding party and thankfully Mother Nature has cooperated this year!  Here is the invite for her party.

Sometimes I think it is difficult to find fresh activities to keep the party rolling.  I thought I would share an activity that has become a staple of our parties.  It started when Mia was turning three and she wanted a Dora party.  I decided to make a map and hide all of their party favor treasures around the house.  I took pictures of areas they need to check.  It is a simple activity and the kids always request a scavenger hunt for each of their parties.  They have so much fun racing throughout the house.  Here is one of the maps for tomorrow's party.  I hope Dani isn't checking my blog or she'll have a headstart.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

I hope 2013 started on a great note for you.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  1. what a SUPER idea of a scavenger hunt for favors! we did something similar at one of our recent parties too and it was a BIG hit (a space birthday where we turned off all the lights and had them scavenger hunt in the dark with flashlights that we gave them). i love the photo idea though!

  2. I love it, how cute is that! Might have to use it for my teenagers and use the neighbourhood!!

  3. With your family members' birthdays being that close to each other, I bet you're busy planning and preparing each one of them. It's fun to hear that scavenger hunt has been a staple activity in each birthday party, and that the kids really dig it! Well, you can't blame them. Scavenger hunts are exciting and give that sense of fulfillment once you accomplish every mission.
    Rosalinda @ Riddle Me