Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to School for Amelia and Quinn

Now we are completely back in the swing of things. Amelia and Quinn both started school today. Quinn has an ECFE class in the morning that he goes to with me (Amelia goes to sibling care) and then Amelia has preschool M, W, Friday afternoons. I think I am going to like this schedule. Right now Ellie is at school, Amelia is at preschool and Quinn is supposed to be taking a nap...technically I should have 1 hour of silence every M, W, F and that is reason to celebrate. I'm going to celebrate now by gutting the girls room and starting over. Amelia and Quinn LOVE school and are so excited to be back.

Here are some back to school photos!

Big Man on Campus wanted his bunny included in his back to school photos.

Amelia is in school with my dear friend Trendy's little boy Ryan...too fun!

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