Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hidden Haven

We just returned from another fun weekend at our home away from home...Hidden Haven. We SOOOO love to spend time with Cheryl & Jerry on their BEAUTIFUL farm. Jeff and I had fun at Brady's wedding and the kids LOVED hanging out with Chaniah, Zoe, Cheryl, Jerry, Scooter and Mac. Quinn was thrilled to discover that Chad had just bought a BIG John Deere tractor earlier in the week and even got to go for a little ride...I'm convinced he is going to be a farm boy! One of the other highlights was when Ellie's first tooth fell out and Amelia decided that she wasn't going to sleep until after that "tooth lady" had come. Jeff & I missed the whole tooth episode because we were at the wedding and I'm pretty certain that Cheryl & Jerry are very thankful they are in the "grandparents stage of life". I hope I make it that long!

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