Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Call for Making Memories with Children


Making Memories with Children starts tomorrow....TOMORROW.....yeah!  The girls and I are so excited about our new class and hope you can join us.  In this class, your child takes the driver's seat, you will act as the co-pilot and we are providing the navigational system.  Tomorrow morning the first lesson will be posted.  In that lesson, you will receive an introductory video from me along with a introduction pdf that will give you the tools you need to help your child create an album all about them.  I love that the entire focus on this album is getting my children to create/write/document their lives, working on a project together and building their self-esteem as we go.
Each week there will be a short recording from one of my daughters for your child.  This recording will set up the lesson and explain what we need them to do.  Your child will receive a prompt sheet (or two) to get them started with their assignment.  The prompt sheet goes along with a new template(s) each week.  You can easily plug your child's work right into the template.

We have been working through the system and having fun with it.  You can find out more about the class here.  Today I am giving away a spot in the class over at the Creating Keepsakes blog.  Head on over to the blog and leave a comment for a chance to win.  We hope to see you in class!  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mask Appeal Challenge & Tutorial

I'm over on the Designer Digitals blog today with a new Mask Appeal Challenge and a freebie.  Use the free mask in the pack and post your pages in the Mask Appeal Gallery at Designer Digitals for the chance to win a $5 gift card to the store.

Here is the page that I created for this challenge.  I LOVE using masks. When I use a mask, I can put a page together in no time.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

I thought I would post a tutorial about my page.  I will say that MY FAVORITE alpha at Designer Digitals comes from the Hey There Kit by Katie Pertiet.  I seriously could use this alpha on every page.  I love the font and the wood texture of it.  I was using it so much that I had to find a way to switch it up a bit and that leads me to this tutorial on changing color.

You can see how the original title looked below.  I think I used the burn tool to make the top portion of the title a little bit darker.  I just wanted to add a little bit more color to bring out the colors in the rest of my page.

1. With the title layer active in the layers palette, I activated the marching ants by hitting Control (PC)/Command (Mac) and Left Clicking.

2. I created a new layer above the title by clicking on the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette.

3.  With the marching ants still active, I selected a color and used the paint bucket to fill the new layer above the title.

4.  I changed the blending mode on the layer above the original title to "color".  Immediately the textures of the original title could be seen along with the new color.

I love that it is so simple to alter products in the digital world.  It allows you to maximize your stash of goodies.  I hope you enjoyed this and find time to play along with the Mask Appeal Challenge.  Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creating Keepsakes September/October 2013

Creating Keepsakes Sept/October 2013 issue is hot off the presses.  My dear friend Gretchen McElveen created this AWESOME  page for the cover and I couldn't wait to tear into it.

This issue includes vintage inspiration, halloween, terrific titles and a whole lot more.  I will admit that when my issue comes in the mailbox, I'm paging through it as I walk back to the house.  Now the digital issue gives even more options with expanded content.

I have several pages in this issue.  I created the page below and there is a tutorial in the digital issue as well.

All products are from Designer Digitals.

This issue is now on sale and you can grab it here.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scrapbooking Through the Tough Times

I started scrapbooking many, many years ago.  I wanted to do something special with my photos.  I wanted to enjoy the opportunity to be creative.  And most importantly I wanted a way to share my story.  There is A LOT involved in our stories....from the little details of our lives to the big occasions from the happy times to the sad is ALL part of our story.  We choose what we want to share every time that we sit down to create or to document something about our lives.  What we share is important.

We all love to capture that perfect photo and tell about the happiest days of our lives.  But what about the other days...the saddest days...the days that you wouldn't ever want to live through again.  Those days are part of our story as well.  They make us who we are and one day will tell others about the qualities that we possessed to get through the rough patches.  Life is not always easy.

In all honesty, we have had a very difficult summer.  We have watched our beloved English Bulldog Wiley's health deteriorate and it has been so difficult.  My close friends and family know how much I have struggled with this.  He was our "first child" and we ADORED him.

As our family has grown, Wiley has loved, protected and played with our children.  He was constantly by their side.

On Monday, we said "good-bye" to our beloved Wiley and it was one of the most difficult things that we have ever gone through.

The last few months have been a painful journey but I am certainly grateful for 11 wonderful years with Wiley.  He was such a special dog.  I find great peace in knowing that God is taking very good care of him now.  I woke up in the middle of the night and created a page for Wiley so that I could get my feelings down on paper.

Wiley is a very special part of my story.  I certainly want to remember all of the happy moments that we have shared but I also want to document the difficult journey we have been on over the last several months.  The difficult times tell us a lot about who we are, what is important in our lives and how we get through it. Scrapbooking is about being real and sharing yourself with your loved ones.

What lies behind us, and what lies within us are tiny matters,
compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I want to encourage you to think about the struggles that you have had to overcome and tell that story.  I think there are so many benefits to sharing the difficult stages of our lives.  It gives you the opportunity to voice what you have been through and how you have gotten through it.  It gives you the opportunity to use creativity to help you heal.   It gives you an opportunity to appreciate the amazing gift of life and to savor the incredible journey that we are on.

Give the ones you love an extra hug today.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Photos

It is that time of year....back to school shopping, open houses and putting our children on the bus or even in their new dorm room.  It is a season filled with anticipation, excitement and all different kinds of emotions. My kids will not go back to school until after labor day but I know many children have already had their first day.

As a mother and as a scrapbooker, I always think about what I want to capture each back to school season. I think it is very important to think about it BEFORE the actual first day of school and to capture shots that will truly tell your child's story.

I think we all take the traditional back to school photo of our child with their backpack or school bag.  I always try to think about where I want to take the photo before I engage my children.  It has been very easy for us because our back patio is surrounded by woods and lots of shade.  It is a great spot for lighting. Thinking ahead can really help you get the best photos.

I always take photos of my children individually as well as together.  When I am telling their story, sometimes I focus on the group and other times I focus on each child.  I like to have everything covered.

Other photos that you might like to consider would include back to school preparations.  Such as the following types of photos.....

  • a photo of the kids and the shopping cart full of school supplies
  • a photo of the kids racing to the mailbox in hopes of finding the card that tells them who their teacher will be
  • a photo of the kids signing their name on their new school supplies
  • a photo of their signature
  • a photo of the kids backpacks, tennis shoes, folders, or first day of school outfit
  • a photo of the kids going to school or getting on the bus

When I am photographing anything, one of the things that I am most focused on is capturing emotion.  A first day of school is packed with emotion.    Here are some photo ideas that might allow you to capture that emotion....

  • your child leaving on the bus.....child's emotion or your emotion as a parent
  • the excitement of seeing friends again after the summer break
  • the end of the school day when your child rushes to you or a sibling
One of my favorite layouts  is the layout below.  It was my daughters first day of school and my son who was home all day with me missed them so much.  The photographs are not great because of the lighting but they bring me right back to the emotion of that day.

What photos and emotions are you hoping to capture this school year?  I think it is important to think ahead and anticipate where you are going to capture the photos that truly tell your child's story.

Speaking of going back to school....did you hear that Digital U is back?   It is on Tuesday, August 20th at 9:00 Eastern Time.  We will be discussing how to document the school year.  If you are new to Digital U, it is a free seminar that we host at Creative Passion once a month.  We discuss various topics and it is a whole lot of fun.  You can register here.  We hope you can join us and best wishes for a great start to the school year.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Class - Making Memories with Children

Hello.  It has been awhile since my last post.  I have been very busy working on my new classes for fall.  I'm excited to tell you about my latest class, Making Memories with Children.  As many of you know, I am very passionate about documenting my children's lives and my new class is all about capturing your child's stage right here and now.  Do you know what is the coolest thing about this class?  It is geared toward children and their loved one.  It is a joint project that will guide you in creating an album together. Let me tell you that putting this class together has also been a joint project.  My daughters, Ellie and Mia are helping me with the class and we are all very excited about it.

Do you feel like your child's stages are flying by at rapid speed and it is a struggle to keep up capturing let alone documenting their lives?  Are you looking for an efficient method of recording the details of their life?

Making Memories with Children is for you.  This class is designed to give you and a child in your life the opportunity and tools you need to create an album together.  Your special child will be in the driver's seat and you will be the co-pilot.  The goal of this class is simple.  We want your child to be the author of their album and for the two of you to share this fun journey together.  The sales page which includes a short recording regarding the specifics of the class is up at Creative Passion.  You can check it out here.  As a new school year begins with lots to document, we are excited about what is ahead for you and your child.    I hope you can join us.